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Eurovision Song Contest 2015

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Terry Wogan never complained about it being a freak show when it still paid him well...

In fact, his career is as much ESC-based as that of some one-hit wonder winners, and the show as such has been a circus all during its existence. He just needed some publicity, I guess.

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The visual identity has been launched for 2015



Today, the Austrian Host Broadcaster of the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, ORF revealed the visual identity of the 2015 event.

The visual identity, also known as the theme artwork, is a continuation of the slogan Building Bridges and is shaped like a sphere. It interprets the theme of a bridge in a visual language of connections and encounters that form over and over again.

The theme art work's use of spheres and its wave-shape symbolises being united as well as diversity. The colours reflect the individualism and at the same time building musical bridges, the diversity of the artists, variety of songs and also the diverse audience.

"It is a great logo, a strong sign with recognition value and endless possibilities," says Jon Ola Sand, Executive Supervisor of the contest on behalf of the European Broadcasting Union.

Dynamic and versatible

Dr. Alexander Wrabetz, Director General of ORF: "With this graphic identity we have presented a contemporary, professional entertainment design. A big advantage of the Sphere is the versatility because it is suitable for both - dynamic screen design as well as any analog use. I am particularly pleased that the graphic appearance was developed by a great team in-house."

"The Song Contest moved to Austria and Austria welcomes guests happily and with spirit, without the expectable cliches, just in a modern and cosmopolitan way. This dynamism is also reflected in the graphical appearance of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest," adds Edgar Böhm, Executive Producer of the contest in 2015.

The theme art will be used everywhere from crew uniforms to on-air graphics and merchandise.

Even though the Eurovision Song Contest has had a logo since 2004 - the word Eurovision with a heart in the middle - every year the EBU encourages the host broadcaster to come up with a theme art that is specific to the event that year.

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Udo Jürgens, Austria's first winner back in 1966, has suddenly died today aged 80. He was busy til the end with tours being scheduled etc, so his death (heart failure during a walk this afternoon in Switzerland) came as a total shock. I'm sure ORF had plans to involve him next May, now it will probably mean some kind of tribute...


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