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Not sure if anyone is going to do this but I do not mind starting it.

37 countries are competing in Copenhagen this year.

If anyone is interested in being randomly drawn a country to support during the contest, then state your interest here. A day before the semi final, so Monday 5th May, I will post who you have and you can decorate your profile etc as you seem fit to support your chosen country.

Some fun for us all.

I am in :)


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Ok so only a day until the first semi final so will give the 4 people that were interested their sweepstake countries. So here they are:

Scotguy - Austria

Sir Rols - Denmark

Olympic Fan Darcy - Hungary

Yoshi - United Kingdom

Good luck guys, feel free to design your profile of change your name accordingly

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Most pathetic sweepstakes ever.

Interesting that this comes from someone who could have participated as well. Yes, and before you ask me why I didn't participate: I saw it too late.

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