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Seeing as though designs and early works are currently in progress for the 2022 Fifa World Cup Stadium's, I thought I would start this thread. Some news came out today, about the Lusail Iconic Stadium in Lusail, Qatar, where the Opening Match and Final is expected to be played.

Qatar 2022: Unexpected setback for Lusail Iconic Stadium. Full story here - http://stadiumdb.com/news/2014/04/qatar_2022_unexpected_setback_for_lusail_iconic_stadium - Source: StadiumDB.com

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just reread it and decided to analyze it to death, like the introduction to some coffee table book that aunt donna would wrap inside the umm salal stadium.

surprisingly, it's held up pretty well over the years, considering i wrote it in an evening after laughing over those idealistic renderings the guardian published. some of the things i joked about in 2011 - like indentured servitude, the "vagina" stadium, and the intense heat - have become big topics in the past few years (although reading that thousands will die building these things is kind of heartbreaking).

also, i remember dismantling the stadiums and giving them to african countries was a big refrain around the time of the bid, but you don't hear much about that anymore. there are bigger problems i suppose. i'm really interested to see how some of my other predictions (if you can call them that) hold up. i still see the video scroll stadium, if it ever gets built, becoming one giant ad.

i've often wanted to apply that review concept to something else, but nothing is quite as magical as a gulf state just going for the moon. if you take away the heat, the white elephant issue, the slavery-like working conditions, the corruption etc these are truly some of the most innovative, amazing stadiums ever conceived. the freaking birds nest would get lost in the shuffle here.

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Enabling Works to start in Al-Wakrah. Full Story Here - http://stadiumdb.com/news/2014/05/qatar_enabling_works_to_start_in_alwakrah - Source: StadiumDB.com

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