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Copa América - America Cup Chile 2015

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This is becoming a tradition.

In particular in this case, the main problem has been the political scandals of the last year which have hurted specially the Bachelet presidency. Bachelet was supposed to give a speech at the beggining (especially given she has been one of the main promoters of football activities and construction of new stadia) but she decided not to give it and have a low profile. For example, even though she has attended both of the Chile matches, she never appeared in the giant screen; in fact, I didn't know she was at the stadium with me until I saw the news the other day.

Back to the football, this has been an interesting Cup. Some thrilling matches, Chile v Mexico, Argentina v Uruguay, Brazil v Colombia, and a lot of surprises. I haven't seen a outstanding team yet and I'm not sure who will be champion this year. Anything can happen.

Today starts the last round of the First Stage of the Cup and no team is yet qualified nor eliminated.

Group A: Chile 4p, Bolivia 4p, Mexico 2p, Ecuador 0p.

Group B: Argentina 4p, Paraguay 4p, Uruguay 3p, Jamaica 0p

Group C: Brazil, Peru, Colombia and Venezuela, all of them with 3p and 0 of goal difference.

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The semi-final results:

Chile-Peru 2-1

Argentina-Paraguay 6-1

Clearly the two best teams of the tournament will contest the final on Saturday 4th of July at 17:00 local time when the host nation Chile will face their neighbour and bitter rival Argentina. Will Chile's collective effort overcome Argentina's individual brilliance and will there be more controversial refereeing decisions favoring the home team?

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I'm really glad both teams will be in the finals. Chile has proven, despite some controversy, is one of the best teams in the continent at the moment and Argentina, although had some problems at the beggining, is finally starting to show all the talent of its players.

I'm really nervous but I'm sure Chile is able to win on Saturday and finally get the championship we have been waiting for 99 years.

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Congratulations to Chile for winning their first title ever :) Also thanks for hosting a very good Copa America (organization wise). It was a very bad year for us, though. Our team better do better than this for the 2018 WC qualifying process.

I feel bad for Argentina. They pretty much blew it horribly on the penalty shots. The curse they have since Maradona got caught its still on, it seems.

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What a happy ending!!!

Congratulations Chile! Time to celebrate it big!!!

I can't even feel bad about Brazil. We are witnesses of the worst Brazil's team ever. I'm really worried about World Cup qualifiers.

And finally I'm truly happy about Argentina!!!


Now 23 years without any pro title.

Since my childhood I didn't see any Argentine player in albiceleste raising a trophy - that's special! #rivalry

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Yay!!!! After so many years, finally we made it! I'm so happy and everyone here is so happy. For the first, we don't have to settle with the "at least we played really good".

For me, this summarize everything: the Chilean team celebrating after Sánchez scored the winning penalty and, in the background, the memorial for the detained and tortured people in the National Stadium during the military dictatorship. The phrase says "A people without memory is a people with future".


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If it weren't for Neymar's red card, we could have seen Brazil redeem themselves from their World Cup disaster. Now it seems they're sputtering.

No, we wouldn't, this team of Brazil is a shame... Our worst generation... But, at least our worst generation won some Confederations Cup.

What to say about Argentina... Now 23 years without any title...

LDOG, Brazil sometimes makes me sad, sometimes makes me happy. Argentina always makes me happy.

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Still there was at least one Argentinian celebrating the win, Jorge Sampaoli. In fact all four semi-finalists had an Argentinian head coach out of six in total in the tournament. Is that the solution also to Brazil's problems? :D

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