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Copa América - America Cup Chile 2015

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In the 2015 America Cup, there are 8 Venues:


Estadio Nacional Julio Martínez Prádanos



Estadio Ester Roa Rebolledo



Estadio Elías Figueroa Brander



Estadio Sausalito



Estadio Calvo y Bascuñán



Estadio La Portada



Estadio Germán Becker



Estadio El Teniente


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There will be 12 countries participating in thechampionship, which os the oldest in the world for soccer national team selections.

2 invited countries will take part:

- Argentina

- China (invited)

- Paraguay

- Bolivia

- Colombia

- Perú

- Brasil

- Ecuador

- Uruguay

- México (invited)

- Venezuela

- Chile (host)

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The National Stadium in Santiago needs a Major Renovation. Other than that, nice Stadium's, just a bit small.

Renovations in the National Stadium have been a too controversial point. In 2010 was supposed to have a big renovation, but the total lack of planification rid off all plans. After this polemic "renovation" (which the fieldtrack was changed, the inside VIP rooms and the changing rooms were enlarged and and they reduced the capacity from 80.000 to 65.000 due to the instalation of individual sits) no new renovation has been announced, just plans... but with no confirmations. It has been said that a roofing stadium is too complicated due to the structure itself (???)...

The other stadiums have suffered a major renovation, specially Concepción and Temuco's. Yes, they are small but the population of those cities is not enough to make biger stadiums. That is why...

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I really really liked the logo. I'm surprised to find finally a logo with a meaning and not a vanguardist mix of non sense, just like in basically every single sport event in the past years.

The main typography in "Chile 2015" seems odd to me... it's not bad itself but it doesn't make sense with the overall logo design. It should have used the geometric typography used in other texts (for example, banners).

For those that don't understand the meaning of the visual design of the event, it is based in the geometric shapes used by the indigenous groups of Chile, especially the Mapuche people, in their clothes. The logo is based on the kultrung or cultrún, the Mapuche ceremonial drum, that has a cross design marking the 4 cardinal points. Over the kultrung are the classic 5-pointed star of the Chilean flag and a representation of the 8-pointed star, the Wüñelfe, symbol of the Mapuche people (representing Venus, the Morning Star, and the flower of the canelo, their sacred tree). Originally, the Chilean flag had its 5-pointed star with a smaller 8-pointed one inside representing the indigenous people; however, at the end it was too difficult to draw both stars and it was simplified.

You can see other details of the logo, here

I just loved the visual identity of the event.


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Official mascot for the 2015 Copa América revealed



The name of the fox will be chosen by the public and there are three options:

OPTION A - ZINCHA: A combination between a fox and a fan.

OPTION B - ANDI: In reference to the world famous Andes mountain range.

OPTION C - KUL: Refers to the Culpeo family of the fox and the kultrun, an instrument from Mapuche culture.



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Ah I see so both invited teams are there to be smashed

I feel like that's the hope - you probably don't want a country outside of your continent to win your continental championship.

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Zincha picked as the name for the (very surreal looking, IMO) mascot of the Copa America.

Also, there is a big controversy ongoing now as they're being acussed of doing fraud at the draw, because of a vid which has been around Youtube these days


As usual in recent draws international tournaments, this time, a video circulating on Youtube tries to expose alleged fraud in the group draw for the 2015 Copa America in Chile where the Peruvians are in the "C" along with Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela.

In the video you can see a voice crying "Uruguay" with a strange movement of hands before removing a ball which, indeed, was the paper with the name of that country in enrollment. Here we leave the images so you can draw your own conclusions.


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We are a week to go to the Opening match of Copa America Chile 2015

Here in Santiago people start to talk about it everywehere and there is a feeling of expectation....

The Opening Ceremony is scheduled before the match, on June 11. The show will be a display of lights and acrobacy.

The court won't be used. Spanish coreographer Hanzel Cereza is in charge to direct the show. He was the creative director of La Fura del Baus, which created the Barcelona '92 Opening Ceremony.

The show will be centered on Latin America values and their citizens....

Soundtrack will be original compositions by Salvador Niebla.

The show will last 20 minutes.

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Just saw the Opening Ceremony. While better than the 2014 WC one, it was still somewhat boring. Not mentioning there were some lightning problems, specially with those who watched on TV. I liked that they shown the Easter Island aboriginal people, though. They need more representation.

Anyway, the opening match is about to begin in some minutes. Good luck to everyone!

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It is my country.... and I hated the Opening Ceremony... I ranked it myself as one of the worst Opening Ceremonies I have ever watched....

Dissapointing, boring, disorganised and dark....

In Argentina 2011 there was more work in the preparation....

Anyway, some pics of it...







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I was at the stadium and in general I liked the opening ceremony. I mean, it wasn't at the level of an Olympic opening ceremony but it was much better than other football opening ceremonies. I don't remember the one in Argentina 2011 but at least was much better than the circus of Brazil 2014 WC. To me, the only problem is that it was too slow... great that they showed the rapanui dances but I was missing something related to the mapuche people, especially considering all the graphics are based on the mapuche iconography.

Regarding the organization, it was pretty good. I didn't have any problem to enter (i was at the queue for 20 minutes top and I got a decent seat). Only problem: the seats were dirty/discolored and it seemed like they didn't do anything to improve the National Stadium. it was a good idea of the government to bring the "green cards" and requesting the people to show it during the rival national anthem so it wasn't booed as traditionally happens. And we didn't have boring speeches... so thumbs up in general.

Too bad the match wasn't really good (at least we won!) and it was extremely cold.

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