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44 minutes ago, TeamBlakeUSA said:

I Don't Know About It That's All I'm Saying.

In other words, you never say much at all. But thanks for the help promoting the logo comps.

GamesBids Olympic Logo Winners Cup - Pools A & B

GamesBids Olympic Logo Winners Cup - Pools C & D


Get your entries in for this year's original logo comp early before the New Year!

10th Annual GamesBids Olympic Logo Design Comp


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Touch and go for Durban as Commonwealth Games host status

It’s still touch and go over whether or not Durban will host the Commonwealth Games as international organisers are in the “final stages” of assessing the city’s last-gasp attempt to salvage the event.

However‚ a statement issued to TMG Digital on Monday by the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) appeared to leave the door open for the event to move elsewhere.

Durban was warned in October that it could lose the rights to host the event unless they urgently met key criteria‚ including making a required R26-million payment to the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF)‚ setting up a Local Organising Committee and signing the host city contract. Many of these were meant to have been met within three months of the awarding of the rights to Durban in September 2015 but have not yet been done.

The city and country made a submission to the federation ahead of an imposed November 30 deadline‚ but sources indicated at the time that the two bodies were still far apart.

On Monday‚ the federation told TMG Digital that the Durban 2022 submission was still being reviewed.

“A review team appointed by the CGF is in the final stages of evaluating the submissions received from South Africa to determine whether Durban's proposals for hosting the Games are consistent with their original Bid Commitments. A final recommendation will be referred to the CGF Executive Board once the review team has completed its deliberations‚” a spokesman said.

Of particular concern will be the comment that the games could go else where because of changes made by South Africa to the original bid submission. The Sunday Times reported in November that among the changes are a downgrading of plans for opening ceremony‚ disputes over whether the funds will come from a single source of from each government department and possible changes to the athletes’ village.

A timeline for when a decision might be reached has not yet been given.

Repeated attempts to get comment from the department of sports and recreation were unsuccessful on Monday‚ while SA Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (Sascoc) said they were unaware of any decision to remove the games from Durban.

Sascoc reportedly spent nearly R120-million on its bid for the 2022 Games. The total costs are an estimated R8.2-billion‚ and a projected GDP benefit of about R11-billion.

Times Live South Africa



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6 hours ago, NOC said:

They will lose the games is what I am hearing 

replaced with Edmonton or Adeilade or Perth. Australia will possibly host back to back if Canada does not take it

It won't be Edmonton


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6 hours ago, thatsnotmypuppy said:

Singapore or KL could also work.  All venues are pretty much in place.  There is arguably more need there for low cost housing - any village in Perth/Adelaide will be sold off to an already overloaded apartment market.

Do you think a village would be considered at this point? Or would alternative accomodations like university campuses be considered?

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So we're gonna have to wait a bit longer ...



CGF decision on Durban 2022 expected in early March

A final decision on whether Durban remains host of the 2022 Commonwealth Games is expected to be announced in early March, insidethegames has been told.

South African organisers were initially given a list of criteria to fulfil by a deadline of November 30.

A Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) review team has since been assessing the city's response and claim that this process will not be finished until the end of February.

The review team will then present to the CGF Executive Board at a meeting scheduled for London on March 10 and 11.

Durban were awarded the Games at the CGF Assembly in Auckland in September 2015, but failed to sign the Host City contract, establish an Organising Committee, confirm the underwriting arrangements as per contractual requirements or make any payments to the CGF.

"A review team appointed by the CGF is in the final stages of evaluating the submissions received from South Africa to determine whether Durban's proposals for hosting the Games are consistent with their original Bid Commitments," a CGF spokesperson told insidethegames. 

"A final recommendation will be referred to the CGF Executive Board once the review team has completed its deliberations. 

"Given the variety and significance of the outstanding matters under consideration, it is anticipated that the review process will not be completed, and a recommendation made to the CGF Executive Board, before the end of February.”

Durban could ultimately be stripped of the showpiece Commonwealth event.

The CGF passed a motion at their General Assembly last year which would give their ruling Executive Board the power to choose a new host city without a formal bid process if the event is withdrawn.

It is possible that the long delay since the November deadline has also occurred because the governing body are keen to have a replacement lined up by the time the decision is made.

Commonwealth Games Australia chief executive Craig Phillips told insidethegames in December that they would consider hosting should the CGF approach them.

Australia will host the Games for a record fifth time when the event takes place in Gold Coast in 2018, following on from Sydney 1938, Perth 1962, Brisbane 1982 and Melbourne 2006.

Commonwealth Games England have appeared to rule themselves out as as Birmingham and Liverpool have expressed an interest in the 2026 edition.

Durban ended up as the sole bidder for the 2022 event after Edmonton in Canada withdrew as a result of falling oil prices.



The longer they take, the more ominous i think this is for Durban. If nothing else, they're certainly seriously considering the implications of stripping it from them.... or informally searching for a replacement to lock in before they announce any change publicly.

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BTW - interesting fact. If Durban gets ditched, it would be the second time South Africa was awarded the games and then stripped of them. First time was 1934 when Johannesburg was initially selected - only to have them taken away because of the stirrings of Apartheid, with London stepping in to fill the void.

Divine any omens out of that as you will. 

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On 2/8/2017 at 11:36 PM, Rob. said:

With England bidding for 2026 I don't think London is really a possibility. 

They may not have a choice Rob... Albeit a very paired down event... And would need to know by at least June.

Dare I say New Zealand to fill the breach???... I doubt it unless it was absorbed as a nationwide event. Auckland opening, Wellington closing?


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If true, we may not see a full SOG in Africa for a couple decades, unless miracles happen.


-South Africa is the only country with the real GOP and infrastructure to do this, but after this mess?

-Nigeria is closer of a potential civil war

-Kenya is a bigger thread for political inestability in the region

-Don't get started with Egypt and the chaotic Cairo.

-Morocco is smaller for this. For money better going to Doha, tbh.

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It's going to be a big shame if this happens. Was really looking forward a CWG in Africa. 

Like puppy said, either KL or Singapore could work (KL is currently refubrishing all of their venues due to the upcoming SEA Games in August). Now it all depends if they want to do it or not. 

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Liverpool wants to step in!

"Liverpool is interested in hosting the games in 2022.

"We had heard rumours that Durban might be unable to deliver the Commonwealth Games in 2022 and have already indicated to the Government that we are very willing to host them instead."


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