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Almaty 2022 Olympic Winter Games Will be Compact, Efficient: IOC Application

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No Almaty isn't the "safe" city. That would be Oslo. And if Oslo does end up receiving support then i'm sure they will win, perhaps in a landslide.

One think I find interesting is how much the "negatives" for Beijing make Oslo look good. Oh, you don't like the polution in Bejing... come to one of the most environmenal friendly countries on earth. Oh, China (or Kazakhstan) doesn't have a lot of winter games history? Come to the coutry with the most success ever.

But if we flip it around and look at the big negative for Oslo... it still makes Oslo look good and doesn't help the Asian countries. Oh, Oslo doesn't have a ton of support from the population. Well, we have no idea what the people think in Beijing because it's a totalitarian country with no freedom of speech, press, etc.

Assuming Oslo gets government funding and moves ahead, it seems unstopable.

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That's not an accurate representation of the choice between Beijing and Almaty. Beijing: spread out venue plan. good amount of new construction needed, especially for snow sports very recent hos

I'm no Almaty lover... and I can see a lot of problems with Beijing that are very much non-trivial: - The pollution problem is not trivial - The lack of facilities is not trivial - The lack of expe

I wouldn't really trust applicant files just like that.

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