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Rio 2016 Torch Design Comp (Re-start)

Rio 2016 Torch Design Comp Round One  

27 members have voted

  1. 1. Which Design Should Win the Rio 2016 Torch Design Comp?

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Okay, take two. I've re-started this poll for the Rio 2016 Torch Design Comp following he unfortunate mistake in the previous thread where we were missing an entry.

Same rules.

Round one is open until Aismanggo closes voting - a few days likely.

  • All members have one vote.
  • Aismanggo and his brother Afiqnadzir will not vote for each other's logos (which I don't think applies - only one of them submitted a final design in time, but, whatever, the brothers' votes for each other will not be counted, at Aismanggo's request).
  • Voting will be conducted in rounds until an absolute majority is reached.
  • If at the end of a round no-one has an absolute majority (50% + one)
  • I'm sure members will be eagle-eyed and alert Aismanggo, or me, of any votes that should not be counted. I would assume (Aismanggo can clarify) that eligibility to vote will be taken as being members who had signed up before the start of the comp.

Again, this is Aismanggo's comp, I'm just helping will poll logistics. Pity we had a hiccough to start the vote, but it was found quickly, at least.

Good luck everyone!

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Sorry got a tad confused with "that eligibility to vote will be taken as being members who had signed up before the start of the comp."

Does that mean people who haven't entered can't vote? I voted but understand if it's not counted.

Oh wait, I get it now. As in people who were members of the forums before the voting started. Sorry about that!!

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e and g are my favorites. g is really cool and so gorgeous but i think the original sketch is actually better. looks kind of like a boomerang in this version though. g is amazing.

you know what should happen for g? the torches should light up those florescent colors when it gets dark.

the only torch relay i've ever seen in person was when the SLC torch passed like a mile from my house in NYC, so i walked there and watched it pass by with like six other people. i remember it was late afternoon when i walked there and by the time the torch actually came the light was fading fast. i watched the torch pass as the sky changed from day to night, which was really cool, and i took pictures with this green polaroid (the same camera i used to take that shot of me when i was 13 i posted a few months back) and all you could see was the flame. don't have it anymore, sadly. but i think it would have been so cool to watch, all of a sudden, the torch just flicker on with a light inside bright green. i begged my brother to go into rockerfeller center to watch the official ceremony but he didn't want to go. not even my parents would go, that's how dorky they thought the whole thing was. me? i loved it, and came straight home to tell gamesbids about it. i know other posters like pyyros and iredale have been torch bearers but i think my story's way better, because it has a moral: day-to-night torches would be so cool.

anyway i voted for g.

ps that whole thing was about e not g, soz.

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Thank you Krow

The holes in the green part are to allow photos to be taken through the holes of the places the torch will go. My aim was for the torch to tie in with the rest of the Rio brand - the logo, lettering, nature etc.

i hope I have managed to somehow capture Brazil in its design and not just a generic looking torch that could be for any games anywhere.

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No, I think the finalist are F & E

Indeed, they are, with seven and eight votes apiece and the next closest three entries all on three votes. Aismanggo's asked me to declare this poll closed and start on the final round with the top two from this round. Well done to the finalists and well done as well as commiserations to those who've dropped out. The new, and final, voting thread will be up shortly.

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