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Sochi Russia 2014 Winter Paralympics Games Closing Ceremony

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In just 50 1/2 hours the final act of the Sochi Russia 2014 Winter Games begins the 2014 Winter Paralympics Games Closing Ceremony theses are the last Winter Paralympics Games under the leadership of Sir Philip Craven who will step down in 2017, With the handover to PyeongChang South Korea for the 2018 Winter Paralympics Games the 1st winter games on mainland Asia, What will happen in the closing ceremony the biggest venue for the Winter Paralympics Games Closing Ceremony.

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The Closing Ceremony of the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games will feature coming to life paintings by influential Russian artist, Vasily Kandinsky.

The well-renowned painter is credited as being the founder of abstract art, and his work will be brought to life by 462 dancers in vivid costumes during the ceremony.

In his work, the artist employed abstractionism using visual language of form, color and lines. Vasily Kandinsky is regarded as the author of the first abstract artistic productions.

Legendary opera singer José Carreras, visually-impaired Adyg singer Nafset Chenib, and Russian Federation Honoured Artist and Sochi 2014 Ambassador Diana Gurtskaya will perform the Paralympic anthem at the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games Closing Ceremony.

They will be accompanied by the young singers from the All-Russia Children's Chorus Assembly.

With a unique voice, Nafset Chenib has performed together on stage with legendary singers including Montserrat Caballe and Yuri Temirkanov.

Diana Gurtskaya, who has been visually-impaired since birth, discovered her huge talent and became famous both as a singer and founder of the charity fund that helps talented children with an impairment to achieve their life ambitions.

The Closing Ceremony of the Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi will take place at the Fisht Stadium on March 16, 2014.

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How strange that the Crimea referendum was timed as the same time as Sochi's final closing chapter for 2014. How ominous; how foreboding. Thus will end one of the most farcical chapters in Olympic and Paralympic history. I would drop Russia from the membership if I were the IOC and other federations. ANd would only let them back if non-Putin people come in.

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^^ Sadly with Putin and his associates strong influence in everything (and with an IOC which politics towards those kind of corrupt/narcisistic leaders have become somewhat questionable over the last years, specially after that speech Bach gave in the WOG closing) that's not gonna happen. Of course they still mess with the poor little countries which, despite they do commit violations, I bet my horses they wouldn't be investigated at all if they were powerful, influential nations like Russia. Such a double standardized world we live in.

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It's really depressing that the five Olympic and Paralympic weeks of Sochi (counting the intermediate period in) which began relatively positively with successful and pretty flawless Olympic Games end on such a negative note, overshadowed by the referendum and looming war on Crimea.

I also doubt, however, that this will harm Russia's standing within the IOC - since we all know since Beijing at the latest that human rights don't count much in the Olympic and even in the sporting world in total as long as one can discover "new horizons" (means: new markets) for the Games or other major sporting events. And it's quite harsh to say since most of the ordinary Russian population can't be blamed for what is happening on Crimea right now: But it's comforting that for many years to come, Russia and especially Russia's leaders can't be honoured with hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games anymore. Of course, Moscow or St. Petersburg are still options for future Summer Games, but regarding how many contenders there usually still are for the Summer Games, I doubt that they would be awarded the Games within the next 20 or 30 years.

That said, it's bad enough that Putin can bathe in his own glory yet again at the 2018 World Cup which he will certainly still preside over, despite having to stand for re-election shortly before the World Cup. I wonder how the political map of Eastern Europe will look by then. I somewhat suppose that Crimea is only the start.

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It feels like a late night XL-bacon-double-cheeseburger. Fantastic at the time even though you know you shouldn't, regrettable for some time afterwards.

I'm confident Rio will recapture what we had in Vancouver and London. Let's close this chapter today, and bring on Brazil!

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The closing ceremony so far: A Russian wheelchair team makes a dance performance and the jellyfish from the "dove" segment in the Olympic OC are recycled as "snowflakes" suspended from the ceiling of the stadium.

And just like in the Olympic CC, the Russian flag is now carried into the stadium by Russian medal winners at these Paralympics. They use the same music they used for that segment in the Olympic CC. So it's all a bit repetitive now.

The Russian national anthem now gets performed by a choir consisting of disabled and non-abled people, singing a cappella. Reminds very much of London's Olympic OC now, with the choir of deaf and hearing children.

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Haha, there obviously was some confusion among the announcers. The English announcer already announced the Pyeongchang handover segment, and the Russian announcer only said "Damy..." ("Ladies..."), and then the English announcer said after a short pause that the Korean anthem follows.

And now the handover segment indeed. With a very similar introductory video to that from the Olympic CC, apparently.

Sorry, I'm confused myself: I meant that they wrongly announced Pyeongchang's presentation, not the flag handover.

Once again, they underuse that massive stage with only a handful of performers. But it's a bit more colourful than the presentation in the Olympic CC. Nice idea with the calligraphy symbolising the Paralympic sports.

And once again, we hear "Arirang". But I must say, even if they have too little performers for that stage, it looks professional and especially the music and the projections are great.

Oh now, and now a corny "Welcome to Pyeongchang" song. Now they spoil the good impression from the presentation's start. ;)

ANd just like in the Olympic CC, the South Korean athletes appear in the presentation. The ending was a bit abrupt and stale for my taste, unlike the Olympic CC presentation, with the stirring Arirang soundtrack. But it was a fairly good presentation nevertheless.

Oh, I didn't even know that the Sochi Paralympics had a different organising committee boss than the Olympics. That shows how little attention I paid to these Games.

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And a highlight video of the Olympic ceremonies and the Paralympic opening ceremony. Nice!

The deputy prime minister makes a speech on behalf of the actual organising committee president - right... Mr. Putin, you couldn't have made any clearer that these were your Games and that you instrumentalised them politically.

Oh dear, José Carreras umpeenth performance at an Olympic or Paralympic ceremony. He looks terrifyingly old and emaciated there. Is he ill?

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What the ...? ARD (German television) now finishes the live broadcast although the closing ceremony is not over yet. They surely treat the Paralympics shabbily. ZDF also interrupted the Paralympic OC broadcast for the usual newscast at 7 pm, only to show the taped rest of the OC after the newscast. That sucks!

Does someone know where I can watch the rest of the ceremony live on the internet? The Paralympic Sports TV channel on YouTube livecast is geoblocked for me.

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That went well, I'd say- nicely judged balance of moods.

For UK viewers:

Here's what vanished into the ad breaks on Channel 4 (but was seen on their online audio described version):

BREAK 1 (after the Russian flag raising & fireworks):
Gradual formation of a floor-projected Kandinsky artwork, with performers in coloured boiler-suits making shapes and ending up as the frame.

brief burst of fireworks, followed by short film of Paralympians in action

BREAK 3 (after Cossack dancers):
Introduction of new members of the IPC Athletes' Council, followed by athletes' thanks to volunteers, and mass-movement formation of Agitos, which change into the heart seen on TV at the end of the break.

BREAK 4 (after the lowering of the Paralympic flag):
Flag handover to the mayor of Pyeongchang, and South Korean anthem

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