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The Ballad of Richard Jewell 1996 Atlanta Centennial Olympic Park Bombing Movie

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Captain Philipps screenwriter Billy Ray manages to attach Jonah Hill as Richard Jewell and Leo DiCaprio as his lawyer out to clear his name for this planned film with Fox holding the rights that is adapted from the Vanity Fair article "The Ballad of Richard Jewell". Fox certainly seems bullish on this as a project with the two coming off from The Wolf of Wall Street and coming in as co-producers. Interesting development to watch.


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Movie's now a reality directed by Clint Eastwood, who we know should do a great job with it. Neither Hill nor DiCaprio are in the motion picture but both remain onboard as among several producers. Paul Walter Hauser plays the titular character opposite Olivia Wilde, Sam Rockwell, Kathy Bates, and Paul Hamm. Film is set to be released Friday here in the USA and Canada. Serves as a cautionary tale about the news media's apparent rush to judgement over whether Jewell was a hero or not in Atlanta's Centennial Olympic Park bombing before the facts are straight. Not everyone did like NBC's Bob Costas who warned of this and actually defended Jewell, who threatened to sue several media entities at the time. Jewell in fact thanked Costas personally in standing up for him. If there's one good thing about the ordeal, just imagine how much more amplified and anarchic things would've been if social media existed back then!  

Just came out yesterday that the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is threatening to sue Eastwood and Warner Media unless a disclaimer is placed in the film indicating the dramatic purposes and license involved. At issue is the portrayal of Olivia Wilde's AJC reporter Kathy Scruggs, who broke the story the FBI was wrongfully aiming him as a lead suspect in the bombing as opposed to being a hero (she died in 2001). In the AJC's view, Scruggs is portrayed as wildly unethical as a journalist who traded sex for FBI info from an agent played by Hamm and not the complex, nuanced person Scruggs was with no evidence. Warners calls the claim "baseless":





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