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The baton has arrived in Wales The first ever Baton from 1958 was there to meet it

In Edinburgh

wait, malta was a former british colony?!?

More or less...The island won the George Cross in WWII after successfully holding out against the Germans and Italians relentless bombardment. Crutial strategic value, guards the approaches to Suez Canal.

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Wow, they really are covering all the home islands...Actually watching a doco series on the German occupation during WWII, sad.

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Been there, done that.... :P

(how annoyed would you be if I did this for every photo you post from now on?)


Do it, do it, do it....:P

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The grand staircase of the TITANIC, in Belfast ofcourse.

:D AAAHHH HAAAA...so it WAS the Olympic that was holed by that iceberg way back then...one of the most intriguing conspiracy cases finally solved...well done Scotguy! :P

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