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The Official Paralympics Games Thread

Team USA

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Day 5


1.RUS 24

2.GER 3

3.UKR 7

4.AUS 4

5.JPN 5

8.CAN 6

9.GBR 3

12.USA 7 (no gold)


Alpine Skiing

Everything RESCHEDULED why??


Women's 10km Sitting 10:00

Men's 12.5km Sitting 10:48

Women's 10km Standing 13:00

Men's 12.5km Standing 13:20

Women's 10km Visually Impaired 14:30

Men's 12.5km Visually Impaired 14:45

Ice Sledge Hockey

Group B KOR V ITA 9:30 USA V RUS 16:30

Group A NOR V SWE 13:00 CAN V CZE 20:00

Wheelchair Curling

Round Robin Session 7 RUS V SWE GBR V FIN KOR V SVK 9:30

Round Robin Session 8 NOR V GBR SWE V SVK CHN V CAN USA V FIN 15:30

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Day 6


1.RUS 34

2.GER 4

3.UKR 11

4.AUS 4

5.JPN 5


Alpine Skiing

Women's Slalom 1st Run underway

2nd Run MEDALS 12:00

Cross Country Skiing

Only the finals I'm putting on

Men's 1km Sprint Final Sitting 13:48

Women's 13:57

Standing Men's 14:06 Women 14:15

Visually Impaired Men's 14:24 Women 14:33

Ice Sledge Hockey

Classification (5 to 8) ITA V SWE 16:00 CZE V KOR 20:00

Wheelchair Curling

Session 9 underway

Session 10 CHN V FIN SWE V USA NOR V RUS 15:30

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Sochi exceeding all expectations, IPC chief says

SOCHI, Russia Tue Mar 11, 2014 10:43am EDT
(Reuters) - The world Paralympics chief praised Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday for staging a "fantastic" Winter Paralympic Games and said the competition in Sochi was on track to become the most successful ever.
"The Games are exceeding all expectations in every single area," International Paralympic Committee President Phil Craven said in a statement on the March 7-16 extravaganza in the Russian Black Sea resort.
In a meeting at Putin's residence in Sochi, Craven said the Games have been well-organized and "attended by amazing crowds, Russian crowds."
"With ... the organizing committee and with your incredible support, we are having fantastic Games here," the Briton told Putin and other Russian officials.
More than 300,000 tickets have been sold for the event, eclipsing the previous Winter Paralympic record of 230,000 sold in Vancouver four years ago, the IPC said.
"To break the 300,000 barrier is sensational and I know the Organizing Committee is working hard to try to create extra capacity to cater for the huge demand for tickets," Craven said in the statement.
"The Russian crowds also deserve huge credit for making these Games a huge success. Their vocal support has inspired the athletes and, what has pleased me the most, is that their support has not just been for Russian athletes but for athletes from all 45 countries.
"It's the Paralympic effect in action. No matter where the Games go, they have an ability to transform sports fans into sports fans for all, supporting all sides and all athletes."
Putin echoed those sentiments.
"I was at some competitions and I must say that after a couple of minutes watching these competitions, one totally forgets that these are people with certain limited physical abilities. And this, of course, produces a very strong emotional impression," he said.
"And of course we cannot but be pleased with our team's progress at the competitions: 34 medals including 11 golds. We are very proud of our athletes."
Organizers said they had raised $95 million from their marketing program, a new record for a Paralympic Winter Games.
"Companies are realizing the full value of a Paralympic partnership, whilst broadcasters are delighted at the sensational pictures provided by OBS (Olympic Broadcast Service)and the inspirational stories from athletes that they can provide their viewers with around the world.
"The Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games are on course to be the best and most successful ever."
The Paralympics follow the February 7-23 Sochi Winter Olympic Games for which Russia spent more than $50 billion on hosting and related infrastructure in the Black Sea resort.
Neither Putin nor Craven publicly mentioned the standoff between Russia and the West over Ukraine, where Western governments say Russian forces have seized the Crimea region and Putin has reserved the right to send in the armed forces.
The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) is the global governing body of the Paralympic Movement. It organizes Summer and Winter Paralympic Games and serves as the International Federation for nine sports.
(Additional reporting by Ossian Shine; Editing by Ed Osmond)
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Day 7


1.RUS 47

2.GER 5

3.UKR 14

4.CAN 8

5.AUS 4


Alpine Skiing

Men's Slalom 1st Run 15:00

2nd Run MEDAL 19:00

Ice Sledge Hockey

Playoffs Semifinal RUS V NOR 13:00 USA V CAN 20:00

Wheelchair Curling

Round Robin Session 11 SVK V CAN SWE V NOR GBR V USA FIN V KOR 9:30

Round Robin Session 12 FIN V CAN GBR V CHN SVK V RUS KOR V SWE 15:30

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So Russia collects 70% of all the medals handed out so far at the Paralympics. That's insane!

Well, certainly interesting. Maybe they've been sneakily doing a lot of practice at the Sochi venues over many months, but then again maybe they've just decided that Paralympic sport should be taken as seriously as Olympic sport, including all the sport science and other high-cost backup activities.

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Good point.

New Zealand only sent three athletes...of course the odds of a medal are stacked against them!

Oh and our efforts fizzeled out just like our overhyped OWGs team.

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Day 8


1.RUS 50

2.GER 7

3.UKR 4

4.JPN 6

5.AUS 6


Alpine Skiing All MEDAL Events

All events Rescheduled

Para Snowboard Cross Standing

SC Super G run 2


Men's 15km 10:00

Women's 12.5km 10:20

Ice Sledge Hockey


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Day 10


1.RUS 70!

2.GER 11

3.UKR 21

4.CAN 14

5.FRA 9



Women's Giant Slalom 1st run 9:30

2nd Run 13:00

Cross Country Skiing ALL MEDAL EVENTS

Men's 10km free

Women's 5km

Closing Ceremony 20:00

Women's Giant

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Paralympic Order presented to seven individuals


The Paralympi Order was awarded to: Dmitry Kozak, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia; Anatoly Pakhomov, Mayor of Sochi; Alexander Tkachev, Governor of Krasnador; Dmitry Chernyshenko, President of Sochi 2014 Organising Committee; Oleg Syromolotov, Chief of Interagency Security Command Centre, Sochi 2014; Alexander Gorovoy, Deputy Chief of Interagency Security Command Centre, Sochi 2014; and Vladimir Lukin, President of NPC Russia.


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