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Baseball to the Winter Olympics?

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Yea building a velodrome makes total sense for winter resorts :rolleyes:

It even goes beyond that. There are few countries which can provide an Olympic ski-run, and, in the nature of human prefernces for habitation, such countries often have relatively small populations. A low-population nation like Norway can afford to host Winter Olympics, but the more extra events you pile on, the more the cost and complexity rises, until you approach the Summer Olympic situation where it's not sensible to hold the Games in a city with fewer than 5 million people in its metro area, or in a nation with fewer than 50 million inhabitants.

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Instead of Beach Volleyball, how about Snow Volleyball? :blink:

stop stealing my ideas from the new sports brainstorming thread, which iirc you derided at the time.

anyway, as a compromise can't they just play on a layer of freshly fallen snow?

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When I was skiing this year, I saw some people using ski bikes. It was not the ski's that are used for handicapped people, but a ski bike. It was so cool! Maybe that could be a future winter sport.

So build a velodrome for skibikes, voilà!

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Not that I think either will ever be WOG diciplines, but a bandy venue would probably be a bigger burden on recent WOG hosts than a velodrome.

How? Most cities have an existing 10,000+ seater football stadium. You simply remove the pitch and install a temporary ice field, artificially frozen of course. Then remove it post Olympics.

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