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Well, if Russians can't afford skiing abroad anymore, they'll keep Rosa Khutor busy.

I don't understand why they would even need to travel so far to ski resorts, the majority of the country is a frozen tundra and they have more than enough mountains to support the whole nation's want/need for skiing.

And yet, it's by no means a total white elephant. Here's Rosa Khutor a couple of minutes ago:


That looks better compared to last year when they had to bring in fake snow for the 40ish degree weather for the Olympics.

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White elephants or not, the building costs were over the top and were the main reason why so many cities ran away from the 2022 bidding process. I think the greatest legacy of Sochi 2014 was that it finally made many of us wake up at the excesses most of the recent olympics have been doing and that its time already to reduce them.

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Some figures from the Krasnaya Polyana ski resort in the first post-Olympic season.


David Jenkins, Head of JLL Hotels & Hospitality Group, has released a statement on the 2015 January-February Russia & Ukraine hotel market trends.


Looking at the mountainous region near Sochi, Krasnaya Polyana, Jenkins adds: “This is the first commercial winter season following on from the Olympics in 2014 so it is very interesting to see how the mountain cluster of hotels has performed in these first two key months of the year. January saw average occupancy of 58% and February was 71%. The previous year saw less occupancy in January as the Games were in prep mode (37%) and essentially the same occupancy in February (73%) – so the market has managed to perform the same one year after the Games – this is a positive result though of course one should wonder why the previous year was only 73% and not higher.

Although the skiing season at the Rosa Khutor complex officially ended a couple of weekends ago, and the snow has mostly gone from the lower slopes, it's still quite popular (webcam picture from earlier today):


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The roller-coasters of Sochi Park were visible in many shots of the Russian Grand Prix, which set me to wondering about how it was getting on. From recent Google messages, it seems Banksy may have been inspired by Sochi Park for his summer attraction "Dismaland".

One long message from a couple of months ago, about the experiences of Angelina Stanchuk (ангелина Станчук) and family, tells how, after their seatbelts on one ride kept coming open, and none of the many staff around could do anything useful about it, they decided to leave:


так как уже не было больше никакого желания находится в парке мы решили вернуть деньги... и тут начался тихий ужас... очень долго никто не мог сообразить кто у них администратор, через 20 минут к нам вышел молодой парень и достаточно нагло заявил, что сочи парк это не парк аттракционов, а тематический парк отдыха и то что мы не смогли прокатиться это наши проблемы и деньги нам никто не вернет, потому что это не предусмотрено ИХ регламентом!!!!!!


- which by my reckoning means something like:

"since we no longer had any wish to stay in the park, we decided to get our money back ... and then began a quiet horror ... for a very long time, nobody could figure out who was in charge; after 20 minutesa young man came to us and quite arrogantly stated that Sochi Park is not an amusement park, but a theme park, and the fact that we could not go on the ride was our problem, and they will not refund our money, because it is not required by their regulations!!!!!!"

(from Google Reviews)

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Two years on, and the development of Krasnaya Polyana may just be paying off a bit. Here are views from a couple of the webcams at about 11:30 local time today, showing that the resort is at least bustling:


Rosa Peak

That's about a billion dollars per person... money well spent!

Bear in mind that those folks are about to ski down from an elevation higher than the tallest mountain in Australia- not for the timid or unfit!

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