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Day 16 Thread

Team USA

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Welcome to the final weekend of the games and what a games it's been and yes even with USA's Hockey lost I will continue to watch :)


1.USA 27

2.RUS 26

3.CAN 24

4.NOR 22 10 Gold

5.NED 22


Alpine Skiing

Men's Slalom Run 1 16:45

Run 2 MEDAL 20:15


Men's Relay 4by 7.5km MEDAL 18:30


Four Man Heat 1 20:30

Heat 2 22:00

Ice Hockey

Men's Bronze Medal Game USA V FIN 19:00


Parallel Slalom Qualif underway

1/8 Finals Ladies 13:15 Men 13:27

Quarterfinals Ladies 14:03 Men's 14:09

Semifinals Ladies 14:30 Men's 14:33

Finals MEDALS Ladies 14:46 Men's 14:50

Speed Skating

Ladies Team Pursuit Semifinals 17:30

Men's Team Pursuit Finals MEDAL 17:51

Ladies Team Pursuit Finals MEDAL 18:14

Have a great day Discuss

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If you want comedy watch run 2 of the men's slalom (preferably with the French Canadian commentary). Ante Kostelic should never be allowed to set a another course...

12 DNF/DSQ from the top 30 skiers, and a lot of the people that did finish where super tentative.

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