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Day 15 Thread

Team USA

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Well it's hard to believe we're in the last 3 days of these Olympics . I am a little disappointed by USA's lost to Canada but if we lose tomorrow I'll probably quit watching the rest of the games ;)


1.USA 25

2.RUS 23

3.NED 22

4.NOR 21 10 gold

5.CAN 20


Alpine Skiing

Women's Slalom Run 1 16:45

Run 2 MEDAL 20:15


Women's 4 by 6km Relay MEDAL 18:30


Men's Bronze Medal Game CHN V SWE 12:30

Men's Gold Medal Game MEDAL 17:30

Freestyle Skiing

Ladies Ski Cross Seeding 11:45

1/8 Finals 13:30

Quarterfinals 14:05

Semifinal 14:25

Final MEDAL 14:41

Ice Hockey

Men's Playoffs Semifinals SWE V FIN 16:00 USA V CAN 21:00

Short Track

Men's 500m Quarterfinals 20:30

Ladies 1000m Quarterfinals 20:44

Men's 500m Semifinals 21:13

Ladies 1000m Semifinals 21:21

Men's 500m Finals MEDAL 21:43

Ladies 1000m Finals MEDAL 21:53

Men's 5000m Relay Final MEDAL 22:18

Speed Skating

Men's Team Pursuit Quarterfinals 17:30

Ladies Team Pursuit Quarterfinals 18:23

Men's Team Pursuit Semifinals 19:13

Enjoy the Games GO USA BEAT CANADA

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Serwa and Simmerling are in the same quarter as the World Champion. One is likely to go out.


Only one crashed, Simmerling. She is one for the future anyways. But still would have been nice to have two in the semis.

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Wish the gold medal game had been Canada vs. Sweden. Much rather have to settle for silver knowing the gold is going to Sweden than to Britain. But hopefully, it matters not and Jacobs smacks around Murdoch.

Was just watching news about the Canada-USA hockey game and it was mentioned that Faulk and Stepan have yet to dress and will not take home a medal if the Americans manage to win one of their last two games.

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It matters not, and yes.

Just to explain why I dislike Murdoch. A couple years ago, a really good Scottish curling team started showing up at World Championships. Two 2nd place finishes and some real impressive play later, Scottish Curling decided to shove Murdoch into that same young team. I hate the way Scotland picks their curling teams. And would rather them crash-and-burned just to show that you cannot just plop in a new skip and think everything is going to be alright.

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