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Sochi Russia 2014 Winter Olympics Closing Ceremony

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OK, as the only place where the live stream is on CBC, where there's no functioning Canadian VPN, and where I am the network that's broadcasting it requires a higher subscription package, lemme know tomorrow if there's any live stream for my jurisdiction, similar to the one you gave me 16 days ago

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i will missed the Sochi's mascots:


They were nice mascots, much better than the London ones, even though they were lazy at giving them proper names :P .

Pyeongchang will probably come up with something similar to Vancouver (ironically one of the founders of the studio which did the Vancouver mascots, Meomi Design was half chinese)

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2. Correct, since Izzy startled the world in Barcelona (LOL), I think this is the first time the mascots have appeared and participated in the formal Ceremony portions....of the host country. Remember, Izzy appeared only in Barcelona. However, Phoebus and Athena made many appearances at the sporting venues.

Didn't Beijing mascots appear too in the final part of the closing ceremony, during the concert segment?

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The opening sequence was nice at first but the 'mass games' element didn't work for me. It went on for too long and the pretty effect of the shimmering crowd ended up feeling a bit naff especially when it showed them close up. It felt more like a commonwealth games from a few years ago rather than the Olympics. The girl in the boat's face said it all, she looked so bored at one point.

At least there was an unexpected nice touch of humour with the fifth ring joke.The national anthem also felt a bit more human.

Awful music for the entrance of the flag bearers. Can be a very moving moment but the music spoiled it. Not at all emotional just noisy.The sound quality felt a bit tinny too.

The Chagall part was a nice idea but again felt clunky. The pianos were also dull. Beautiful music but the piano pushing did nothing for me.

I thought the ballet part was more succesful.

The literature piece is another one that felt like cultural box ticking, trying to fit too much in. It was boring to watch.

The circus part could have been more spectacular. it felt subdued, slow and again, clunky.

I think I would have made the theme of the closing as whole one of 'circus' and brough all the other things into that. It felt very disjointed and sticking those annoying kids in to walk around didn't add anything.

Nice touch with the flag beamed onto the hanging poles.

I liked the handover very much, tasteful and elegant and the music was beautiful. I have relatives from Korea and Arirang always sends a shiver down my spine.

I liked the way they formed the logo and the inclusion of the athletes was great.

The bit with the mascots was, as is the opening, dated, plodding and dull. Having the torch blown out by the mascot was dreadful. What is potentially very emotional became incredibly naff.

I thought the coming of spring was inappropriate as the Paralympics are still to come.

I think it would have been nice if there were folk music and dance and whilst I get why they didn't have a 'pop concert' section it did all feel too formal and serious with little sense of joy.

In conclusion I'm glad it's all over and I'm looking forward to PyeongChang with much more enthusiasm.

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Didn't Beijing mascots appear too in the final part of the closing ceremony, during the concert segment?

If you seem to remember, then maybe they did. I think Sochi spent $1.6 million to have these 3 mascots made. I don't know if we shall see the 2 Paralympic mascots play an equally big part in March. I wonder if Putin will attend the Paras??

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Lots a pomp and ceremony and I liked the self depreciation with the Rings malfunction "correction"...Shades of 2010 there.

Still Russia to me is a country On The Other Side, so to speak. Will forget these game in due course and in ten years lets see what Sochi will look like.

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One of the best Closing ceremonies I have ever seen. I was glad that they did not have the concert thing at the end.

For those who are saying that the mascot blowing out the flame was cheesy, well I loved how they paid homage to Misha and Moscow 1980, it was nice to be able to link a previous games to the current staging.

Some of us like the reference to the older games, something that we do not see these days in ceremonies due to the advance theatrical and projections used and also its nice to see the mascots being used more as supposed to in previous games where they become quite distant.

London also harked back to their previous games with the large bell at the opening. At least Sochi got its money's worth from the mascots rather than London's 5 second bell usage.

The only thing I hated was the Pyongchang handover segment. Was rubbish, and looked to much like really school production mimicing of the Sochi opening lol I really hope these games do not turn into the next Nagano.

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