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Day 12 Thread

Team USA

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An action back day in Sochi here's what's coming up


1.RUS 18

2.USA 18

3.NED 17

4.NOR 15

5.CAN 15


Alpine Skiing

Women's Giant Slalom Run 1 under way

Run 2 MEDAL 13:00


Men's 15km Mass Start MEDAL 14:30


Women's Heat 1 19:15

Heat 2 20:20


Men's Tie Breaker Session 1 underway NOR V GER right now tied at 2

Freestyle Skiing

Men's Ski Halfpipe Qualif 17:45

Final MEDAL 21:30

Ice Hockey

Men's Playoffs Qualif SLO V AUT 12:00 RUS V NOR 16:30 CZE V SVK SUI V LAT 21:00

Women's Classification ( why is this needed ) GER V JPN 12:00 FIN V RUS 16:30

Nordic Combined

Individual Gundersen LH / 10 km, Competition Round 13:30

Cross Country MEDAL 16:30

Short Track

Ladies 1000m Heats 13:30

Men's 500m Heats 14:15

Ladies 3000m Relay Finals 14:54 MEDAL


Men's Snowboard Cross 1/8 Finals 10:30

Quarterfinals 10:58

Semifinal 11:10

Final MEDAL 11:18

Speed Skating

Men's 10000m MEDAL 17:00

Enjoy the day Discuss

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omg snowboard cross is about to start in like 2 minutes. hyperventilating right now.

i want the aussie guy to win because he looks like a hot little bad boy i'd get tangled up with. and by tangled up with i mean of course make a pass at and get totally rejected by.

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Unfortunately, it's not GER, but GBR... :-(

Thanks for correcting me

I think the threads are titled wrong.

Isn't today Day 11 ?

(NBC, BBC and CBC all refer to Feb 18 as Day 11)

This is according to the sochi site which includes the 6th as a day 0 and the 7th as day 1 http://www.sochi2014.com/en/daily-schedule-day-12

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