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How to save the YOG

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While I understand that the Youth Olympic Games are fairly new they hold vast potential. Alas many things do, the struggle comes when unlocking that potential. I have had the displeasure of seeing many projects fail in my lifetime and I would hate to see the YOG go the same route. So how do we; or more importantly the IOC and NOC's fix this? Well first it starts with giving more care and attention to the games, next comes a much larger task: Making the games big.

In the search for how to do so i have concluded that these games must go to America. The US is one of the largest consumers of the games, and if enough emphasis was placed around the country, some eyes could turn and we could see those games become almost as popular as the traditional ones.


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I think we've discussed this topic before. The YOG don't need to be fixed, changed or made bigger. Singapore was a great success and Innsbruck was successful. Nanjing is on track, the Chinese will embrace those Games and that will be followed by Lillehammer.

It is a youth event, it will never be as big as the main Games, nor should they. They are meant to bring the Olympics to cities that would not be able to host the tradition games. They only need to be controlled, cost kept as low as possible and kept to smaller cities.

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