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Men's Hockey

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Whaaaaaaat an upset! Too bad for Russia, I was pulling for them to make the finals.

Wow Elliot Friedman interviewing Ovechkin after the game lol.

Have you seen the way Finland played? Russia? It would have been an upset if Russia had won. Russian defense was old and slow and their goalie was Varlamov. I am an Avalanche fan, I know how hard it is to rely on his play.

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Makes me wonder who's going to pull a Russian version of Mellisa Hollingsworth (not picking on her!) out of the Russian hockey team tearfully apologizing to the nation, and Putin in particular, on TV (be it Channel One, RTR, or NTV +) for their exiting result. Oh, heads are going to roll for this one in a sport to a nation that prides itself on that, especially in the Winter Olympics. Oh that mourning and indignant anger across the nation. Burn the players and coaches in effigy! That gold is what the Russians want above anything else in Sochi. Nothing else matters as much. Not even figure skating.

And to think it was a team from a former part of Czarist Russia up to the end of WWI that stopped them.

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This is getting ridiculous. Seriously, its Latvia. They have put 50 shots on the guy. Dear G-d, even if Canada gets through, they are gonna get crushed by the Americans.

The Canadian forwards seem unwilling to score.

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Wonder what's the Russian translation for "You ruined our Olympics!" Likely it's going to be something far more profane to that effect. If there's some newspapers in Russia putting it on their cover, would it emulate what one Swedish newspaper (Aftonbladet?) did in 2002 after Belarus upset the Swedes in the quarterfinals and put on its cover all the players' photos ana salaries like mugshots with the headline "Guilty--Of Betraying Our Nation!"?



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