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Day 7 Thread

Team USA

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1st off Yes I have been saying MEDEL instead of MEDAL by accident It was mostly a spell check error so sorry about that. I do want to say that these games are the games of the youth as we can see how many defending medalists have retained it this year. 1 week in and today we have 6 medal events including the start of skeleton and Men Hockey's debut of USA, Canada, and Russia


1.NOR 12

2.CAN 10

3.NED 10

4.USA 9

5.RUS 9

24 countries have received medals so far



Men's Individual 20km MEDAL 18:00

Cross Country

Ladies 10km Classic MEDAL 14:00


Women's Round Robin Session 5 under way

Men's Round Robin Session 6 CAN V DEN GBR V USA SUI V RUS NOR V SWE 14:00

Women's Round Robin Session 6 SUI V CAN JPN V USA RUS V KOR SWE V DEN 19:00

Figure Skating

Men's Short Program 19:00

Freestyle Skiing

Men's Ski Slopestyle Qualif underway

FInal MEDAL 13:30

Ice Hockey

Women's Group B JPN V GER 12:00 SWE V RUS 21:00

Men's Group A RUS V SLO SVK V USA 16:30

Group B FIN V AUT 12:00 CAN V NOR 21:00


Team Relay Competition 20:15 MEDAL

Short Track

Ladies 500m QuaterFinals 14:00

Men's 1000m Heats 14:25

Ladies 500m Semifinal 15:10

Men's 500m relay semifinal 15:31

Ladies 500m Final MEDAL 16:05


Women's Heat 1 11:30 Heat 2 12:40

Speed Skating

Ladies 1000m MEDAL 18:00

Have A great day everyone a week and a half left

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Wohoo a Kiwi has qualified for the Final of the Ski Slopestyle competition... Awesome stuff... You might laugh but this is a good result for New Zealand. We haven't had a top 8 result for quite a while. 1994 from memory

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A few top contenders are out of the competition already and it certainly looks to be very competitive given that there is only 10 points separating 1 from 12, compared to 18 in the women's competitive. Also considering snow conditions the first 6 to 8 riders to go could have an advantage.

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