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one of the greatest things about next to no american stars this olympics is all the foreign athlete special interest pieces we're being treated to. usually you have to have won 3 golds and have been born deaf, dumb and gay to get a 2 minute spot on primetime.

apparently, tina maze splits her time between being a POPSTAR and a GOLD MEDAL SKIIER and REALLY PRETTY (a fulltime job in itself). that is seriously 3/5 of what i would consider the perfect life. (tied only with carla bruni: zillion dollar heiress, first lady of france, popstar -- another tie!)

eurovision gays: what's your verdict on "my way is my decision"? i like that she has vision, decision, and a dream. but at this point what's left to dream for? getting to have sex in space? snagging newly single francois hollande?

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how many gold medals have they won again?

well, lourde gets the gold in lying about her age, but i'm not sure that int'l federation has yet persuaded the IOC to admit it as an olympic discipline.

Perez Hilton disagrees about Lorde (based on her birth certificate). As for gold-medal-winning pop stars, I think the problem is that it happened the other way round. Tina Maze has been a top skier in Slovenia for quite a while, and repeatedly won their sportswoman of the year award, before her musical career began. In Britain, back in the last millennium, we went through a phase of pop records by famous sporting personalities, but we mostly outgrew it.

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