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Detailed report on the Corruption Costs at Sochi...

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Well, since this is neither about Ceremonies and Tickets/Accommodations, therefore it belongs here.

Great, detailed report on the overspending at Sochi. It's come out to 400% over-budget.



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they got enough money to spend where they want... may be bribe or a gift to Caucasians for silence the riots at games helding?? using this money somewhere beneficial but cant show it in papers ;) or st about shadow government using this money for russia..

and its nothing comparing 130B pounds qatar will spend for 2022 fifa...

in turkish " zenginin parası züğürdün çenesini yorar" rich ones money, make poor ones talk too much about. why do we care an enormous natural resource rich countries money spending. they will get it triple much more selling gas to turkey and eu in a month

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