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Day 6 Thread

Team USA

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Wow just saw Halfpipe Final very upset about Shawn White USA having some trouble getting golds :(


1.NOR 11

2.CAN 9

3.NED 8

4.USA 7

5.RUS 7


Alpine Skiing

Women's Downhill Just Started


Men's Round Robin Session 4 underway

Women's Round Robin Session 4 USA V CHN KOR V SWE JPN V RUS CAN V GBR 14:00

Men's Round Robin session 5 SUI V GBR GER V CHN DEN V SWE RUS V CAN 19:00

Figure Skating

Pairs Free skating MEDEL 19:45

Ice Hockey

Women's Group A SUI VS FIN 12:00 USA V CAN !! 16:30

Men's Group C !! CZE V SWE 21:00 LAT V SUI 21:00


Doubles Run 1 18:15

Doubles Run 2 MEDEL 19:45

Nordic Combined

Individual Gundersen NH/10km Competition Round 13:30

Cross Country part 16:30 MEDEL


Ladies Halfpipe Qualif 14:00

Semifinal 19:00

Finals MEDEL 21:30

Speed Skating

Men's 1000 m MEDEL 18:00

Enjoy the games GO USA

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Slovenia just over 2 million people, 4 medals and lots more to come in ski jumping, alpine skiing and biathlon. Absolutely smashing results for Slovenia.

And they qualified a hockey team with about 1,000 hockey players in the whole country! Which is less then Mexico, N and North Korea among others.

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The US is having a rough first week. Who would have thought after the smashing start they got form Kustenberg.

Also, Germany is heading towards top of the gold medal standing despite having a complete inability of wining bronze medals.

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Yeah, Team USA's been doing a good job on these day by day threads (good onya mate), but it took me two days to realise what he was referring to with "medel".

I know I'd also commend their work. It's handy, because the stupid app every time I open it, wants to load like a thousand updates, before it lets me see anything.

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