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Freestyle Skiing

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Fairly surprising win by Tsuper in the women's aerials today. Belarus aerialists have a knack for stepping up their game at the big moments. I love that Lassila went for the hardest jump by far in the finals. She came fairly close to landing it, I'm not quite sure what to think about the new competition format. In a way I like the concept because it brings a more strategy into play, but I'm not a huge fan of just 4 finalists. Maybe 5 would be better.

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I think both Canadians and Americans can be pleased with their freestyle culture, ski and snowboard.

Yeah, It was a point I made in the Aussie team thread - I was comforted, even if we haven't cracked the gold medals this time around, that Oz has done well in the depth of our team also and it struck me when they were doing our team bios just how many of them were from beach suburbs and coastal towns around the east coast - if they're not living in Utah or Colorado now, that is. We may have no snow to speak of, but we do have a good pool from our surf and sk8 culrure to recruit from.

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Australia has indeed done a stellar job building up depth. Now it isn't a shock to see Australians win medals at winter games - heck, it isn't even a novelty anymore. Its something you expect because they have multiple athletes that can win medals.

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