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First Annual GamesBids Olympic Host Contest

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Hi, and welcome to the 2014 First Annual GamesBids Olympic Host City contest!


To celebrate the commencement a vocal performance of the Olympic Anthem has been provided by Sydney 2000's Millennium Choir and Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia

Welcome! Bienvenue! Bienvenido! Kαλωσόρισμα! Once again to the first annual GamesBids Olympic Host City contest, this year the bid city competitions will be united under one and this will take an annual presence like the pre-existing and fantastic logo competition. The rules are featured below, the cities will be announced at the conclusion of the Sochi 2014 Closing Ceremony.

2022 Winter Olympic Host City Contest Rules


  • Host city logo
  • Host city brand
  • Venue Plan
  • Athletes Village
  • Accommodations
  • Budget
  • Bid book that composes the above requirements in a seamless and elegant way.

Questions to be answered in bid book

  • The below questions must be answered with plans in the bid book
  • Housing for the Olympic family
  • food for athletes and family
  • environment impact
  • legacy
  • event scheduling
  • funds
  • transportation
  • Media accomidations
  • ticket costs
  • public participation


  • you must meet deadlines
  • logo design must reflect and abide by IOC bid logo rules
  • All work must be orginal
  • We ask that all bid books are turned in on the same day to avoid plagiarism


  • An evaluation report will be written
  • use this to make your vote
  • you may not vote for you own submission
  • all are welcome to vote


2024: photo-56629.png?_r=134919325916lbg90.png


  • All three are from cities that announced OR hinted to bid for the 2022 games by the end of November 2013.
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Mr. Bernham, what I'm saying is that generating a bid file all by myself is a major headache for the most inexperienced in the olympic bids, as for understanding those in an environment full of juvenile slang. I am referring to have some assistance as I'm "on training wheels"

Plus, after being host of the 1979 Pan American games, the Puerto Rican capital city of San Juan once bidded for the 2004 olympics before being kicked out for the shortlist in April 1997, being elected to Athens in September that same year. I am interested for the island to bid for the 2030 Summer YOG, but as the economy is readying for its imminent collapse, at least my intent in preparing the bid book, having very limited knowledge in urban planning would be a different story

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Well this year we will be focusing on the 2028 Winter Games. I will announce the three cities very soon. You can work with a partner or by yourself, as long as you meet deadlines.

I know what city I want to do, but when I try to send you a PM to tell you what city, it won't let me.

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I know what city I want to do, but when I try to send you a PM to tell you what city, it won't let me.

I'm not sure why, I have a few PMs, but I'm not sure what my limit. It would be easier to just comment the city here. Note that I will only be taking it into consideration.

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You're kidding me right? If Vancouver, Sochi, etc. can host the Winter Olympics Boston could do it as well.

I don't understand the logic you are using.

I'm sorry, but your logic seems to be off. Something that Sochi and Vancouver all had were mountains, Boston does not have that.

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Boston does have mountains. New Hampshire, Western Massachusetts, and Vermont all are a part of the Appalachian Mountains...


Connected to Boston by major interstate highways, the mountains of New Hampshire and Vermont will host the outdoor events. The travel time between Boston and the mountains is similar to that of Vancouver and Whistler in the 2010 Games.
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