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Canada really got a break in the tenth end, Murdoch had a shot for the win. Anyway, Canada is tied for third now, one win behind first and one win ahead of a tie for fourth.

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The commentary in Britain was suggesting Canada was making more mistakes than Britain, most by the Canadian skip.

The British Men have been doing well so far Im wondering how the maths stacks up

In terms’ of how many wins we need and loses we can take and still end up in the top four.

Jacob's was curling 85%, team was 88%, Murdoch was curling 80%, team was 83%. Jacob's number includes 2 picks which score 0's in shot making. So that should tell you something.

JJ has gone to 7-0 and made the playoffs. JJ may be a cocky, cut-throat b!tch, but damn girl can curl.

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Dammit, if I got up 10 minutes earlier I would've seen that live.

Just seen the replay of the last couple of stones though, that had to be perfect and it was. Great work there by Dave Murdoch. Nice way to start the day,

Yup, I just replayed the crucial bit of the live coverage. I do hope Team GB aren't going to make a habit of this "skin of the teeth" style of progress!

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Must not watch curling much. That is a routine shot, would have been more surprising if Murdoch had missed that, than made it.

A shot which hits a GB stone outside the House, causing it enter the House and hit a Norway stone, which then hits another Norway stone at the optimum point and velocity to send both Norway stones off to the sides of the other potentially point-scoring GB stone and out of the House is definitely at the showy end of routine.

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Not really, just a raise double. Triple take-outs and perfect in-off rolls are more difficult and impressive. If you remember that shot Muirhead tried to make against Canada and flubbed it? That would have been an impressive shot.

As it happens, I agree with you that it is unlikely to be looked back upon as "the shot of the tournament", but raise double takeouts either side of a potential counter are the sort of shots that get their own little YouTube clips, not just "routine".

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Bad luck to the British women.

lets hope the British men can do netter later,

I hope Britain can win two meddles.

It wasn't bad luck, the Canadian women gave the Brits enough misses and errors to take advantage of. Muirheads inexperience and poor play calling meant they did not capitalize on the errors. With more experience and a less reckless playbook Muirhead would have easily won that game.

So the Scottish curling team loses to Canada. ;)



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I nearly fainted. WHAT A MATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
guaranteed medal meddle for the British men





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That Canada - China game was pretty nerve wrecking until the seventh. The Jacobs and Murdoch teams are both worthy finalists, should be a good game. Shame for Edin to throw it away at the end like that, though. That will be hard to take.

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