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Sochi Winter Olympics - those 007 moments

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Which is the International dialing code for Russia. Anyway . . . . . . . . . .

The Sochi Olympics Torch passed through some interesting Russian places

Yes James Bond fans were hysterically shouting 'Goldeneye' as the Olympic
torch passed over the dam of this Secret Russian facility, somewhere in the
Russian Federation on it's way to Sochi. 8)



Bond was there - 007's Bungy Jump

Finally Britain's brightest hope for the Ski Jump, makes a spectacular exit pursued by
the Russians

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Our man in Sochi - banned from the Cafe bar

Yes it's tough being a Secret Agent in Sochi - following the Winter Olympics,
as this bar has decided to ban them all.
The owner of this cafe in Sochi's Olympic Krasnaya Polyana resort has
put up a sign banning all Secret Agents from the West, upon hearing that
James Bond maybe in town.

No Spies here thank you - Cafe Bar enforces a Spy ban

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What did you think of the Biathlon - James ?

It was fine, until the Cossacks started pursuing me down the mountain pass, Moneypenny ! !

Was it for England, James ?

No - more a case of mistaken identity - Moneypenny ?

Hows that - James ?

Well how was I to know that the women I entertained last night, was the Hetman's woman ! !

Tut, tut, James.

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