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Day 2 Thread

Team USA

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Damn. NBC's coverage hasn't even started yet and once the second round of ski jumping is over, I'll have seen every event today except for Russia vs. Germany women's hockey. Going to work tomorrow is really going to suck.

I'm watching the Ski Jumping on NBCSN right now and they have the LIVE flag next to the logo. It's not in the listings but they are showing it.

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Big air is most likely going to be added to 2018. We will see how much more of a gong show this will become.

I hope not, big air is heading towards becoming aerials with a differently shaped jump and worse judging. Not a fan at all - no room for variety or creativity anymore.

Day 2 over and 17 nations have won medals.

Only two countries with more than 2 gold medals - so 11 countries with a gold (19 in Vancouver) and as you said 17 countries with a medal (26 in Vancouver). Two days in. Pretty damn amazing. And there are some heavy hitters that have yet to win a medal (France, China, South Korea, Japan)

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