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Day 2 Thread

Team USA

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Wow what a great 1st day

Current Medel Count

1.NOR 4

2.CAN + NED 3

4.USA 2

5 AUS+SWE 1 sliver

6.CZE 1 bronze

Schedule Sochi time

Alpine Skiing

Men's downhill MEDEL 11:00


Women's 7.5km sprint 18:30

Cross Country

Men skiathlon 15km classic+free 14:00

Figure skating

Team Men's free skating 19:00

Team Ladies free skate 20:05

Team Ice Dance Free Dance 21:10 LAST EVENT FOR MEDEL

Ice Hockey

Women's Group B SWE JPN 12:00

RUS GER 17:00


Men singles run 3 18:30

Men's single run 4 MEDEL 20:30

Ski Jumping

Men's Normal hill 1st round 21:30

Final Round MEDEL 22:35


Ladies Slopestyle semifinal 10:30

FInal MEDEL 13:15

Speed Skating

Ladies 3000m 15:30


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Looks like the downhill's been pushed back an hour. Seems to happen every OWGs. Very interesting the starting order--a few heavy hitters early, then the bulk in the early 20s. Consistent conditions could favour the 20s; deteriorating conditions the early starts.

Team Figure Skating is a done deal for gold (RUS) and silver (CAN); I think the US will pip Italy for bronze.

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Enjoyed the downhill but was surprised to see Bode out of the medals. He just didn't seem to have the control. Now watching the womens slopestyle final. Czech Rep are leading after the first run.

Was a shame that the kiwis missed out on the final :(

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Ladies 3000m Speed Skating

Irene Wust wins Gold for The Netherlands

Martina Sablikova wins Silver for Czech Republic

Olga Gruf wins Bronze for Russia

First Russian medal in Sochi - bet they are relieved :-)

Almost too bad that our German team missed out on its first one with Pechstein fourth, but I can't stand the woman, she'd probably win a "mist unpopular German sports(wo)man" poll with huge margin. She'd have been even mire smug than usual (if possible?) if she had broken the spell...

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The poor judging continues in snowboarding. The athlete who was fourth does a 1080 the first ever in this competition and finishes of the podium.

The BBC commentators have been puzzled about the judging criteria from the start. The secret of success seems to be avoiding mistakes, even if that means abandoning ambitious moves.

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