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CWG Logo Comp - Final 3 Vote

CWG Logo Comp Vote  

28 members have voted

  1. 1. Which Logo Should Win the GamesBids CWG Logo Comp?

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Logo B - 0 points :( :(

Logo J - 8 points

Logo D - 12 points

Logo O - 14 points, highest vote 6

Logo L - 14 points, highest vote 10

Logo A - 16 points

Logo I - 28 points, highest vote 8

Logo P - 28 points, highest vote 10

Logo H - 28 points, highest vote 12

Logo M - 60 points

Logo F - 64 points

Logo N - 94 points

Logo G - 110 points

Logo E - 114 points

Logo C - 154 points

So, the result was never in doubt really :P

That wraps it up I guess, it's had its moments but it's been fun to do. Thanks everyone, congrats Davey, will the last person to leave turn off the lights, & it's time for me & the comp to sign off! :)

Which super sexy gamesbids forumer got 0 votes?

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Hey @hufus, great that you have an opinion, but the competition is already over. Logo A (from the pic on page 1 of this thread) won it, quite easily. Same designer as the Cardiff one though, so you picked the winner in one sense :P. The next logo comp won't be for some time, possibly not till December, I don't know :)

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