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CWG Logo Comp - Final 3 Vote

CWG Logo Comp Vote  

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  1. 1. Which Logo Should Win the GamesBids CWG Logo Comp?

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Hello, & welcome to the grand final of the CWG logo comp! Thanks to Rols for kicking it off.

You know how this works, you have 1 vote (so use it wisely), & this round will be open for 24 hours or so, closing tomorrow evening UK time.

As usual, if one logo has a majority of votes at the end of the round, it will be declared winner. If not, there will need to be a shootout between the final 2 for victory.

Good luck, happy voting, & may the best logo win! :)

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Hey,what happened to my N??? nzl's logo was very good but too sad...I still don't believe that his work finished in 4th place :( .

I voted B created by markun B) . This one is beautiful. Good luck to him ;) .

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Right, I have decided (without seeing scores, I still have no idea) to extend the deadline to Sat at 11am UK time, to give everyone time to dissect the OC. Thank you for your votes so far, results will happen just after 11. See you then! :)

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Ladies & gentlemen, it's now time to announce the winner of the comp, but first, I'd like to just thank everyone who took part & voted, a logo comp would be nothing without logos after all :P

Also, a special thanks to Sir Rols, who did the pictures with all the logos on, started the final poll, gave useful advice, & was an all-round good egg.

Now, the Queen herself was due to unveil the winner, but the roads are all flooded & James Bond's gone AWOL, so here goes anyway:

Ladies & gentlemen, the winner of the first ever Gamesbids Commonwealth Games logo competition is:



A well-deserved win for Stamford's second best graphic designer (wonder when the best will turn up :lol:). The results of this round are below:

Logo A - 13 votes

Logo B - 5 votes

Logo C - 4 votes

The letters are their letters from this round, not the Eurovision round.

So there's our winner, I've got a couple more bits to do before signing off the comp completely. :)

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So, Rols had too much time on his hands Friday morning (his words not mine) & managed to sneak a peek at Buckingham Palace, where the Queen was busy rehearsing various outcomes for the comp:




I didn't use them in the announcement, but I couldn't possibly leave them out completely, great job Rols :lol:

And finally, the complete scoreboard from the Eurovision round:

Logo B - 0 points :( :(

Logo J - 8 points

Logo D - 12 points

Logo O - 14 points, highest vote 6

Logo L - 14 points, highest vote 10

Logo A - 16 points

Logo I - 28 points, highest vote 8

Logo P - 28 points, highest vote 10

Logo H - 28 points, highest vote 12

Logo M - 60 points

Logo F - 64 points

Logo N - 94 points

Logo G - 110 points

Logo E - 114 points

Logo C - 154 points

So, the result was never in doubt really :P

That wraps it up I guess, it's had its moments but it's been fun to do. Thanks everyone, congrats Davey, will the last person to leave turn off the lights, & it's time for me & the comp to sign off! :)

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Congratulations to Davey! Forget the bloody 50p coin mate, you're now GamesBids' first dual Olympic-Commonwealth Gold Medal Winner! Good on you!

And good comp Yoshi. It's not as easy a job as it looks, and you handled all the problems thrown your way with aplomb. Well done!

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