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GamesBids' Sochi 2014 Opening Ceremony Live Chat

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BTW, I did not, at any time, feel that I was seriously missing out by not having commentary !

Still can't beat Salt Lake & Vancouver (which for me come in as #1 and a close #2) for Winter OCs. This should be #3. (I fear PyongChang will be dreadful.)

I think I'm going to ahve to disagree slightly there- Sochi had the beauty of Vancouver with the bonus of a tremendous pace.

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A good Opening Ceremony, but not the greatest.

The little girl seemed rather pointless in her "journey" it could have potentially been a time machine approach. They could have had the little girl go through "time" to the Medieval period, then go to the War and Peace part, the Soviet Times. The modern era should have been separate from the Soviet bit and should have represented the fall of Communism.

I rather thought the Dove/Peace part was rather dull and didn't get the message across, compared to previous representations in the Olympics. Russia has been in it's fair share of wars, there could have been representations of Medieval battles, the Napoleonic Wars, World War 1, the Great Patriotic War and possibly even the Afghanistan War in the 80's, only to have the "soldiers" lay down their arms in a proper representation of a dove.

The arrival of the Olympic Flag should have really gone from the point of the cauldron, rather than that short L shape they ended up doing. Have the flag bearers march in a straight line, towards the podium, only then making a sharp left.

The cauldron lighting was anti-climactic. They should have attempted to some sort of lighting within the stadium which heads towards the cauldron outside.

All in all, good but not great. 7/10.

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Was really expecting something more elaborate and really over-the-top. Like the Kazan show was in many ways, more over-the-top than this one.

Me too.

How about the Soviet segment where people in the stands are force to hold LCD tablets/iPads which mimic the graphic displays of Moscow 1980 and Commie graphic displays in general.

Or what about the 2 final torch bearers being raised by performers on an Olympic rings platform? Where they are "marched" outside the stadium to either light the cauldron, or better yet give the platform carriers walk all the way up to the cauldron!

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Except for a few moments (notably, the entrance of the Russian delegation), the crowd felt rather subdued to me. Oddly quiet during the countdown. Perhaps it's the way the stadium is arranged, maybe the audio or camera angles, but the audience seemed distant from the action.

Loved the ballet segment and visual design in general. Athlete parade was interesting, with the projected atlas.

Not sure how I feel about the mascots skating around for a few minutes.

Same with the floating constellations at the end. They kept blinking in and out for quite a while. Not sure it turned out as it should have. On TV, it felt like a Christmas house lights show.

Also, where was the retrospective of all the Winter Games since 1924 ? Did I miss it ?

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