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GamesBids' Sochi 2014 Opening Ceremony Live Chat

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Can you stfu! this isn't about London or the Uk. FFS

They're really quite different. Vancouver focused on telling the story of the land (since you don't have too much human history. ) Russia told their history; their arts; their culture. But the

1 of the best ceremonies ever... simple elegant and full of culture..

love the swan lake part :)

except the olympic rings failure, the show was amazing.. looks like a summer games rather thn winter ones. GJ MOTHER RUSSIA

PS: i was expecting Putin will light the cauldron :P

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Overall, apart from the cauldron lighting (and the regrettable failure of the fifth ring) I liked that a lot. Lessons had clearly been learned from recent OCs in terms of emotion and pacing, and Russia's great traditions of classical dancing and dance music really helped.

But that cauldron lighting was a disappointment- I wonder if they were too much influenced by complaints about the lack of star-factor and triumphalism in 2012?

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Thank you very much...I just watched the second half the OC, but the openning half...miss'd it!

At least I had a solution for my problem, just to get this DAMN CLOSE to the action!

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Good artistic portions -- War & Peace; the Soviet, Industrial & modernized revolutions were also great -- in many ways better than London's because there was some discipline and coordination in the choreography -- NOT just OK...you go this way; you go that -- and we'll try to pass the disarray as our own, unique 2012 blend of 'choreography.' :wacko: The Russians know how to do crowd scenes.

I'd say 8/10 -- altho the lighting was terribly post-climatic. Easily a $45 million production.

Still can't beat Salt Lake & Vancouver (which for me come in as #1 and a close #2) for Winter OCs. This should be #3. (I fear PyongChang will be dreadful.)

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