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GamesBids' Sochi 2014 Opening Ceremony Live Chat

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Interesting to read your comment. Which I can understand & agree with, but it goes against Athensfan's logic in saying that the IOC presidency is only an achievement for the individual, & not necessarily for the nation from which he is a national of. Particularly in the discussions of electing host cities & the presidency in the same IOC session.

Can apply that logic to Spain as well. It quite apparent that they can't get another Summer Olympics so soon, but at least they can boast that JAS was the second longest president to have held the top spot in the sporting world.

I was just facetious. It's not really a matter of national pride for me, even if it's still something special that a German is now the head of the IOC.

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And yet no one here in Brazil recalls that "dove barbecue" when it comes to the doves of peace segment

Doves a plague the only way to make them go away and make sure they won't come back is by killing them, and eating for bbq

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