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GamesBids' Sochi 2014 Opening Ceremony Live Chat

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Can you stfu! this isn't about London or the Uk. FFS

They're really quite different. Vancouver focused on telling the story of the land (since you don't have too much human history. ) Russia told their history; their arts; their culture. But the

Haha, nice to hear that constant German accent by Bach, regardless whether he speaks English or French. ;)

Of course this is also a bit of a proud moment for me as a German, if we can't win the Games, we can at least win the IOC presidency. ;)

Interesting to read your comment. Which I can understand & agree with, but it goes against Athensfan's logic in saying that the IOC presidency is only an achievement for the individual, & not necessarily for the nation from which he is a national of. Particularly in the discussions of electing host cities & the presidency in the same IOC session.

Can apply that logic to Spain as well. It quite apparent that they can't get another Summer Olympics so soon, but at least they can boast that JAS was the second longest president to have held the top spot in the sporting world.

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It's rather Swan Lake, cslopes. ;)

Beautiful imagery - great innovative idea, the dove barbecue of Seoul really was a blessing for all the creative minds of the world who had to create new dove segments. ;)

And yet no one here in Brazil recalls that "dove barbecue" when it comes to the doves of peace segment

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FLASH!! Edward Snowden will Light the Cauldron!!!

I just knew someone was going to say that. It could only be Baron that said it though!

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