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GamesBids' Sochi 2014 Opening Ceremony Live Chat

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Boo. Gonna catch just maybe 5 minutes of the start and then I have to head to work. Hopefully I'll find it on CBC's website later.

Boo what?

This is not a medal event Tony. The whole point of the parade is to make all countries equal.

I do know that. We are all equal. I was just supporting my country in general.

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Won´t be able to watch and post because I am heading for a late lunch here in Rio, then back to work, but will try to post something later on.

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Interesting point made on the BBC about the argument between Russia and the IOC re political statements by the athletes. Russia wanted to say that no statements were allowed at any time. IOC and Mr Bach were clear that the athletes can make these statements in press conferences. IOC win!

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