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GamesBids' Sochi 2014 Opening Ceremony Live Chat

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wow - I do love that Peter the great segment (he learned to build ships in the Netherlands - therefore the Dutch and the Russian flag have the same colours)

That march is the "Petersburg March" - very famous march

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Can you stfu! this isn't about London or the Uk. FFS

They're really quite different. Vancouver focused on telling the story of the land (since you don't have too much human history. ) Russia told their history; their arts; their culture. But the

This is why I don't like projections. It can be very engaging to the television viewers. But the second you look at it from the ground it loses all beauty it may have had. It's a very easy thing to implement but IMO is a bit lazy on the behalf of the organisers. Can be used well if not so literal.

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... thats not possible - Peter the Great was in the 17th century - now "War and Peace" segment

My mistake, the floor patterns looked like the same ones from the pics we saw. :P

Those pillars are very nice. Are they round or flat? I can't quite tell.

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