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The Sochi 2014 Underdogs

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BBC outlined the underdogs to watch out for over the next couple of weeks. Of course the Jamaican Bobsled Team, but also Vanessa-Mae the violinist?

BBC: Sochi 2014: 10 unlikely contenders at the Winter Olympics

In case you didn't know who Vanessa-Mae is...

"Well, it's kinda a winter sport you know..."

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Just watched the first run of Women's GS. The conditions of the run absolutely suck, rain and crappy snow. Reminds me of a few times when I used to race GS in high school back on Vancouver Island on Mount Washington. Lots of girls DNFed, but I did catch Vanessa-Mae's run and surprisingly, she finished! Hardly any spectators in the stands. I did like the old guy with the souvenir bag on his head.

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New Zealand has pretty much finished it's Olympics here in Sochi. Last chance to podium was today with the Wells brothers comming up oh so short in the half pipe. A good result in the 10k Speedskate...but really, we are not a major winter sports nation and this hasn't been our strongest team.

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Crook puts British Virgin Islands back on Winter Games map

To Adam Crook it made no difference that he finished second-last men's ski halfpipe qualifiers on Tuesday, it was enough that he had become the first athlete from the British Virgin Islands to compete at a Winter Olympics for 30 years.

Speedskater Errol Spence, who raced in Sarajevo in 1984, is the only other athlete the Caribbean nation has sent to a Winter Games, and it almost did not have one in Sochi either.

"When we first went to the British Virgin Islands Olympic Committee, they thought I was talking about water skiing," the 21-year-old told reporters.



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