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Sochi / Look of Games


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Well, replace the turquoise venues with hot magenta and you're got pretty much the same four colour ways as London - even down to the tickets. That's a little bit too much of a coincidence if you ask me… they're going to look very similar Games on TV albeit obviously different sports. The secondary venue hoarding behind the field of play with the dark unifying strip along the top with smaller rings and wordmark are a straight copy from London's media conference tables!

Also still not convinced by the need for so many full colour rings on the perimeter scrim, the jumps to white just seem to throw the whole thing off slightly.

More intrigued now by which direction Rio will go, and I wonder if (albeit they will have decided by now) they will go down the London/Sochi route of differing colours for venues or Beijing/Athens and the same look colours across all venues.

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This is A LOT similar to what is used in Mario and Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games. This official game series is coming every year preceeding the olympic games and, so far, the look in the venues of the video games is a preview of the actual look of the olympic venues in real life.

The Games-time Look 'system' is usually finalised about eighteen months before a Games and the OCOG send the design and visuals to the programmers for the games to be as realistic as possible. There's usually a few tweaks here and there in terms of details which is what the Look team are responsible for once the venues complete and installation teams can get in and report back to the Look team if what they are proposing is possible!

You can see in the London Mario and Sonic Game some of the ways the London 2012 word mark appeared changed slightly and how the Aquatics Centre became more detailed from the programming of the game and the final Games, as well as changes to some of the upper tier branding once it became obvious it would be difficult to install correctly in the time given.

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Whatever the scaffolding is for (grandstand?!) it seems very late to be going up unless its an old picture?!

I think the Adler arena is about my favourite of the coastal cluster. Seating looks good, nice clean looking common areas with nice red branding.

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