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The Nancy Kerrigan-T. Harding affair 20 years ago!

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I saw a website that created fake tweets as if Twitter had been around 20 years ago. This whole thing would have played out a lot differently if digital cable and social media had been around back that. Not so much the actual story itself, but everyone's reaction to it.

Got a link for that? I'd love to see it.

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Who cares? Isn't their something better one can do with their time?

I'm assuming you're referring to Rols' request for the fake tweets. If not, ignore this.

Yes, I'm sure anyone could spend their time better than this, but if people enjoy it, then there is no issue. Isn't there something *you* could be doing with your time that is better than critiquing other people for doing what they enjoy?

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If the topic is Harding and Kerrigan, what I remember are two of the most arrogant prima donnas ever to slide on ice. The whole sorry saga exposed the twisted mindset of each of these so-called athletes. Harding's involvement in the whacking incident speaks for itself and the last 20 years of her life are reflections of her moral fiber or lack thereof. Kerrigan's behavior after her final Olympic performance, when she left the games early and rode in that Disney parade and was caught complaining that Disney (her new employer) was "so stupid" served to solidify her image as a spoiled self-centered woman. Either that or she had some deeply moral objection to sharing a convertible with a large mouse and a seven foot dog. In any event, those two pillars of American virtue damn near ruined the sport of figure skating for millions of otherwise supportive Americans. And one can easily imagine what Harding and Kerrigan's bad theatrics did for America's image around the globe. I can still picture Harding pleading with the judges to be able to start again after her skate lace broke. How tragic and yet how pathetic all at the same time.

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