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The Hot Athletes and Bods of Sochi

Sir Rols

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I don't like him. Probably good for a cougar who likes a man looking like a 1980's playboy.

Can't post pics but I much prefer Gaspard Cuenot (http://gaspard-jules-cuenot.ch/index.php?id=20), Iouri Podladtchikov, Fabian Bourzat (http://instagram.com/nathaliepechalat), Scotty Lago.@@scottylago


Gaspard Cuenot.

Not bad, I prefer the brother though.


Jules Cuenot

Even then, not all of us are still bright young things. I prefer a bit of maturity and manliness.

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I would post a pic of Brazilian figure skater Isadora Williams here, but she's taboo before her 18th birthday on Feb. 8th. :ph34r:

Meanwhile: Julia Mancuso (Skiing, USA)


Tina Maze (Slovenia, Skiing)


And Lindsey, we'll miss you...


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i follow the norwegian ski jumping team on instagram, because, well, they're freaking hot.


ICK - will someone please feed these boys! :-O

ludvig fjallstrom is a swedish moguls skiier or something. yeah i know, who cares. but home boy is fiiiiiine. he can jump my bumps any day.

here he is on instagram winning something and looking fine. mm. okay, now i'm in the mood for sochi.


This one just looks like a little queen. Pass.

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damn i don't remember whose photo that was. there's:

anders bardal (who won bronze yesterday) - @andersbardal

anders fannemel - @andersfannemel

anders jacobsen -@andersjacobs

tom hilde (who didn't make the sochi team) -@tomhilde

idk anything about the guy that took tom's spot, something i will never forgive him for or recover from (unless he's like really hot, we'll see).

oh and andreas stjernen (who apparently also is not in sochi) - @astjernen & kim rene elverum sorsell (also not at sochi, but totally hot). hey norway, since when are the olympics about picking the best team members in place of the hottest ones??

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