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2017 IAAF World Athletics Championships

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I been holding back on making a topic for this, but it bugs me that there is no thread for this. 2017 World Athletics Championship will be hosted by my London, England. Discuss.

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Sorry. It's because there hasn't been posts on the thread for ages, so it wasn't on the main page of this sub-forum.

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This will be a worthwhile discussion...in the summer of 2017. What's to discuss right now, given that we a have a championship in 2015 beforehand and that isn't on anybody's radar yet (though a thread has been started).

Tony you are 16. Enjoy that while you have it. Quit getting too excited about events years down the road and wishing your life away. I was sixteen, almost thirty years ago and I'd wish the nearly four years(back then) between Games away. I regret doing so now. I'd kill for it to be 1984 again so I could do many things differently.

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