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Major Sporting/World Events of 2014.

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You contradict yourself.First a definitive statement and then the acknowledgment that it is in fact preferential.

Football may be the "king" of sport, but nonetheless, the Olympics are much much more important than the World Cup.

if it really is more important why it doesn't work here in indonesia my country because i had comparing london 2012 and euro 2012 and the results are that the indonesians more preffered euro 2012 compared to london 2012 and besides for indonesians they number 1 event is the world cup with number 2 were the euro and the olympics left behind in number 3!!!!
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And I tend to agree football is the king of spots. I understand why it is something people from USA, Canada and few other countries will never understand...

But the fact is: most of the world love football.

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It doesn't matter that only 32 countries participate in WC, just check the worldwide tv ratings.

Now, if we understand being "important" as being popular, I would say clearly WC is more important than Olympics. It is like that in every country of the world except: USA, Canada, Australia, NZ and some few european countries who do well in olympic sports but suck at football (Lithuania, Austria, Norway... IDK Russia but I think they care a lot more about football nowadays). Meanwhile, a lot of countries in the world don't care about Olympics.

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It's simply a matter of taste and of course in a forum like this it's natural that people are more inclined towards the Olympic movement. In my opinion, nowadays the Summer Games are the most unique and beautiful sport event in the world, even if there are other multisport events. The World Cup with the bad quality football of recent tournaments is not that special anymore due to more television coverage to club football, especially Champions' League, and other international tournaments. The European championships is now almost like a mini-World Cup. Still the WC will probably evoke more passion globally, even in countries which are not participating. Not many people will get excited about archery or weightlifting. The negative effect of olympic games is their tendency of igniting armchair nationalism, not to mention the propaganda tool that they turned into during the cold war era.

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