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2023 Pan American Games


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33 minutes ago, yoshi said:

Hmm. Maybe that says more about the IOC than anything else. Feels recently like 90% of Olympic opening ceremony content is mandated by the IOC in service of Tommy's bid for the Nobel Prize I mean the tradition of the Games. There's always the traditional bits which mark an Olympics out but there seems to be less and less wriggle room now. I think Paris will shake things up though :)

partly yes and no -

i think the Tokyo and Beijing OCs were the way they were because it was the IOC trying to hammer in the message of "look we can over come the pandemic and be together", since the laurel award was a thing in 2016 and yet that was a fantastic opening ceremony that wasn't dominated by the IOC's messages (and for 2020 specifically - it did not help that the artistic director kept getting fired one after the other resulting in the last director having less than half a year to come up with something original)

as for the Pan Americans, I think it has to do with the fact that this is an intimate continental affair - a lot of the countries in the Americas have a shared history and as a result similar (yet distinct) cultures, allowing them to fully display their true culture without worrying about having to sort of "dilute" it in order for the international viewers to understand what they are looking at.

i hope my theory makes sense

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Santiago 2023 will be broadcast for free around the world on the Panam Sports Channel app and website. There will be nine simultaneous live feeds providing over 1900 hours of sports coverage. There will also be a live daily show with summaries of the day's events, athlete interviews, and analysis of the best performances in the Games.

You can access the Panam Sports Channel through its mobile app, or through your browser at: https://www.panamsportschannel.org/main

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The flame will be lit tomorrow in Teotihuacan, and will be broadcast on the Panam Sports Channel starting 10:30 AM local time (9:30 AM PDT / 12:30 PM EDT)


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