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Toronto Should Bid For 2028 Olympics Instead Of 2024

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There may be some resistance for the SOG though the intense desire for waterfront redevelopment and new transit infrastructure in Toronto would trump that. The World Cup on the other hand wouldn't face much resistance as there are unique circumstances related to the Canadian Football League. All major cities in Canada have CFL-capable stadiums and teams, some of those stadiums are also capable of hosting professional soccer teams. However, a couple cities capable of hosting soccer or CFL teams do not currently have the funds to build CFL-capable stadiums (typically with 30,000-40,000 permanent capacity) without federal/provincial support. A World Cup would help make the CFL a truly national league (we currently don't have a stadium in Halifax, Nova Scotia or Waterloo, Ontario) and stimulate a more professional national soccer league. Currently in the Canadian soccer pyramid we have 3 MLS teams and 2 NASL teams, with 12 teams in our 2nd division. A World Cup would change all that.

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Guys relax. Canadians are hardly wanting to be American like someone here offensively generalized. Not even sure why intoronto brought it up as an irritant as I don't know anyone here who has a prob

If everyone gets hesitant and thinks 2028 is a better opportunity, we might end up with Baku winning by default ;-)

What else would you expect from our non-punctual/Almaty/Asia Pacific/Canadian friend over there! :-D

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