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Seventh Annual GamesBids Olympic Logo Contest

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Yoshi,I found some more and you might understand why hidden "7" is significant to the logo.

  1. TV Tokyo is channel "7".So Tokyo won 2020.He included the latest lucky number.
  2. In Japan 7 eleven's parent company is "7" & i holdings.I think this can be comprehended as "Ioc holds 7".
  3. As I explained,if you rotate "7" (upside down) you'll see capital letter "L".Recall the climax of Beijing 2008's closing ceremony.What song by who?Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin!
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I'm favouring:

Toronto 2026:

Scotguy - brilliant work! My only feedback - scratch the font, find something a bit more slim and less bulky. The current font doesn't compliment that beautiful paintbrush of the T. Well done!

Davey - I liked your first concept better than your final. I like the idea of the T* - this snowflake astrix could lead to an interesting branding, linking into slogans beneath-- similar to a fineprint on a contract.


I like Scotguys a lot - I like the more demure colours

Robs is great too - and probably has a more authentic use of colour that would be found in a Thai logo.

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don't worry, we're all family here.

so you can trust that i'll get drunk around xmas and tell you what i really think of your logo and also that whore you're dating and why can't you find a nice girl from a good family like your brother and do you think you'll ever settle down, it's not healthy.

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Palette, you thinking too deeply. Have a cup of whatever a Yoshi would drink & calm down :lol:

PS: I'm fairly sure Scotguy doesn't even know that the logo looks like a 7. I think it looks most like a very stylised ski jumper.

I knew he meant ski jumper but everytime I look at his painting I associate "7"...I should go to the ophthalmologist's today :D .

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One of these two logos will be the candidate logo for Toronto 2026. However, I can't decide which one. Opinions are welcome!


This is a maple leaf logo, as the maple leaf is a symbol of Canada. Parts of the maple leaf are the outlines of the white trillium, the flower of Toronto.


This logo uses snowflakes to make up the maple leaf, the national symbol of Canada. Inside the snowflakes are the outlines of the overlapping white trillium flowers to create a unique snowflake design.

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