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Seventh Annual GamesBids Olympic Logo Contest

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I don't think you vote tomorrow, AFAIK, it's the deadline for submissions. Rols will confirm voting details sometime soon, probably just after midnight tomorrow (Sydney time) :)

Well, I won't be rushing to the computer to start the polls as soon as midnight strikes. Maybe sometime tomorrow depending if I'm up to it, or maybe the next day (Jan 2) if I'm feeling seedy or hungover or start the year going to the beach or something.

I have the feeling there may be one or two entries waiting to the last moment to be posted - and I won't be a stickler if they're not in by midnight. But I'll close off submissions when I drag myself out of bed on New Year's day - about this time or perhaps a little later tomorrow.

I think I've got all the logos entered so far sorted now, so I won't put them head-to-head till they square off on the red carpet for the short list vote.

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Happy New Year all!

Okay - I thought Afiqnadzir was going to be posting a Toronto logo up before the deadline, but it looks like he didn't make it.

I do, on the other hand, have entries for both Toronto and Bangkok from another member, which, unless he wants to reveal before, I'll hold in hand until I start the short list votes.

I think I originally said I'd the very first post in the thread I'd start the votes from January 3. But it seems there's amore then a few people keen to get it going. On the other hand, I do want to let everyone ring in the New Year first. So I'll commit to getting it going tomorrow (Jan 2) about this time. So pack you're warm gear, we're off to Niagara Falls tomorrow for the Toronto 2026 Red Carpet.

And I'll be flexible - if Afiq can get his in before than, or wants to send it to me direct, I'll probably allow it.

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I am new here and unfortunately did not find this until hours before it closed. Despite this I still had a go at this for fun. I know you wont be able to vote for it but I would be happy to hear you feedback. So here it is.

These are the logos.


And these are the posters.


Thanks, NZL :)

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Okay, I haven't heard back from Afiqnadzir, the aforementioned last minute "surprise" entrant has withdrawn, but on the other hand, I'm willing to stretch the line and allow nzl's submissions (I like the vertical logo inverted, and will use that if you're happy with it).

I guess though, with that, I'll declare submissions closed. I'll prepare the first poll now, post it up soon, and leave it live for 48 hours to give time for the NYE celebrators to log in and vote.

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