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Wishes for sports & events @ Sochi

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What I'm looking forward to:

Good hockey performances from Canada, USA and Russia. Great individual performances from Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin. If Canada cannot win gold, then Russia would be nice. That would be a gift for the Russian people.

Ladies' figure skating: Yuna Kim with gold, Mao Asada with silver and Gracie Gold with bronze. This gives Yuna and Mao a good send off, and maybe a bronze for Gracie puts figure skating back on the map for the US.

Gold for Patrick Chan in men's figure skating. He deserves it after a great quad.

Sven Kramer with gold in speed skating.

A good rivalry between Shaun White and newcomer Mark McMorris.

A good showing by Canada in general, and signs of improvement in snow sports for Korea in preparation for 2018.

Watching Ole Bjorndalen in action. Magdalena Neuner would've been nice, unfortunately.

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I am hoping for a strong opening weekend for Canada. With the team trophy, men's and women's moguls and men's and women's slopestyle plus outside chances in the men's downhill, and men's luge. A strong opening weekend with say 3 gold and 5 medals would be outstanding. And would absolutely love to see Erik Guay or Sam Edney do what Antoine Valois-Fortier did and win a surprise medal.

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Would be nice to see one of the Canadian alpine skiers do well after the disappointment of whistler

Well, with Marie-Michelle winning her first world cup race (and being one of the few women that does well in speed and tech events, giving her a chance in the combined) less than a month from Sochi and Erik Guay doing well lately there is certainly a chance.

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I think Eric Guay has a very good chance in the Men's Downhill, but alas I don't have him picked for a medal in my official medal projections.

The men's downhill is not really an event you can predict. There are a dozen guys that are legitimate contenders in that event. A lot of it is about being hot at the right time - heck, in 2010 Didier Cuche was winning everything in the speed events except for the few weeks before, during and after the games (due to a broken thumb). Anything can happen.

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