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Stockholm fallout


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In order, countries with the most winter medals are: Norway, USA, Austria, USSR, Germany, Finland, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, East Germany, Italy, France, Russia, the Netherlands, South Korea, China, West Germany, Japan.

Random comments:

1. With Russia (and former USSR) about to host, that will leave Finland as the biggest power to never host, with Sweden not far behind.

2. It will be almost (but not quite) impossible for Finland to host a 800m downhill

3. It would have been impossible for East Germany to have hosted a 800m downhill

4. It will be impossible for the Netherlands (i.e. the low-lying land) to host a 800m downhill. Interestingly, the Netherlands do contain a "mountain" big enough...but it happens to be in the middle of the Carribean (no snow).

5. Japan's double hosting a a bit out of line with their medal count.

6. Yugoslavia's hosting is way out of line with their medal count (4 total, including 0 for B-H).

7. Of the 2022 contenters, only Norway (303 WOG medals) has hosted. Winter medal count for the others (Sweden-129; China-44; Poland-14...plus 4 for Slovakia; Kazakhstan-6; Ukraine-5)... throw in some extras for those last three if you want for being former Czeckoslavakia and USSR.)

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